Treat Phone Interviews Seriously (including IPhone Facetime and Skype Screening)

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Suffice it to say people do miss many key points and steps that would make the phone interview and phone screening interview more productive: Key Research, Phone Base Setup with No Distractions, Questions to Ask the Interviewer, A Clear Follow Up Letter Strategy, Selected Behavioral Questions Readied and more. Other issues on phone screens that are coming to light now are Skype Interviews, Video Phone Screening and more. Phone screening now has a video element. Look out. It may not be here now to a great degree. Your industry may be next.

Networking Your Value Proposition

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In the last year of market ups and downs and general upheaval in the employment market I have noticed a few interesting trends. Focusing on networking I have noticed that many executives are:
1. Willing to network and reach out more than ever. This is a positive trend and it shows me that executives do not feel that what they have is guaranteed and that they have to get outside of their comfort zone to reach out and grow.
2. Working to network even if they are employed. Again, executives who are employed now have shown more interest in networking for their longterm career (this may have to do with the feeling that no one feels secure. They are now getting outside of their comfort zone to create new relationships and are often more open about those who are reaching out to them.
3. Networking by trial and error if they are unemployed. This is a generally negative sign. It shows that executives in transition may be confident in their skill set but when forced to network for extended periods can become stagnant and repeat mistakes.