ROR or ROI – Why ROR Matters More

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Remember that you may work with numbers as an accountant or sell things as a sales representative but what matters most in this business and career life? I contend that you make a bigger impact when two parties agree to focus on building trust, helping each other and try to work on a long-term give and take relationship vs. a transaction. This is especially hard to do when you need “a fix” to your job search, your marriage, your job, your boss or your friend. But finding out the win-win benefit, long-term, in any relationship matters most.

Know How to Get Hired – Brand and Collaborate Closely

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I now find that many of my clients need constant assistance in developing not only the original resume but ongoing assistance in the development of several resumes, biographical sketches for online branding opportunities, very specific covering letters and a slew of specific edits to job board requests, questions and more just to play the hiring game properly.