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Career Assessment

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We call our unique approach the “Worklife Journey.” We want to determine who you are and who you have become as a person through assessment of what matters to you. What do you like to do? What do you thrive on from a work perspective?

A Quiet Take on YouTube Brands

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At least weekly former clients, current clients and jobseekers at all levels bring to us “new” ideas about searching on the web. Many ideas impress. I see a lot of creative action taken on many forums that seem new and different. But with every new idea come intended and unintended consequences. Your cool new video resume may be viewed as …

Powerful Career Resources, Personal Support, Encouragement in Transition

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I recently found myself in transition after the position I had for 14 years was terminating. I started reviewing my options, checking online job sites, and even made a couple attempts to write my resume. That’s when I realized I need professional career counseling! Nothing in my professional career up tot his point had prepared me to market myself. Fortunately …

A Terrific Team to Help You!

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I met John during an invitation to one Career Pro’s “Executives In Transition” meetings. I was duly impressed with the sincerity and honesty in which John and his team worked with their clients. He had energy, a desire to see them succeed and a willingness to give whatever was needed. A real professional with integrity! The next day I hired …

Career Pro Helped Me

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I attended one of John’s Executives in Transition network meetings and presentations on career transition recently and was so impressed with how much information and insight was shared in such a short time, I have continued to attend his weekly networking meetings. These meetings only scratch the surface of who John O’Conner is and what he does; John is one …

Turning Experience into a Power-Packed Resume

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As a retired military officer with 15 years of experience in the civilian sector, one the smartest things I have done was to engage Career Pro in translating my military service and 15 years of civilian senior management experience into a concise and cohesive power packed resume. Their excellent coaching and advice on the challenges faced in today’s employment scene …

John is Inspiring

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John O’Connor and his team have presented several training sessions for our Career Connections Ministry at Crossroads Fellowship. His team a wonderful degree of expertise in job seeking skills, and explained many valuable techniques for pro active job search, and how to think outside the box and help participants stand out as a job seeker. John has a good sense …