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hthniydb-01 Posted on
December 30, 2011 by

Two Advanced Networking Principles for 2012

Most people try to add names to their lists and attempt to “add” to their circle of friends and business connections. Unfortunately numbers don’t add up to quality connections. Core mistakes that should be avoided include these comment thought process problems. What can you do to make your networking successful in 2012? 1. Big Events […]

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ftfbycb-01 Posted on
December 23, 2011 by

How to Beat Job Search Holiday Blues

What are you doing to ensure a positive attitude and productive job search activity as we enter the holiday season? To me the holidays can make or break your attitude. Depending on your personal situation, investing time with family and familiar surroundings can be heartening or disappointing. It’s usually a bit of both, right? Well […]

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Connect with the Right Staffing Firm Posted on
December 12, 2011 by

Do You Want to Love Your Job in 2012?

Employed? Unemployed? Underemployed? To progress in your career you must think differently then the average person. You don’t really have to love your job but you better be passionate about what you want in a job (whether you are looking for a new job or not). Evaluate your role at current organization. Evaluate your future […]

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tpecfp-02 Posted on
December 08, 2011 by

What Are The New Employment Initiatives for Veterans?

Career Pro Inc. supports all initiatives for veterans. Here is key information available through Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS). The Gold Card provides unemployed post-9/11 era veterans with the intensive and follow-up services they need to succeed in today’s job market. The Gold Card initiative is […]

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wwrtht-03 Posted on
December 02, 2011 by

Age Discrimination and the Law – A Primer

As the aging of the workforce goes up and many of the baby boomers reaching retirement, the complaints about age discrimination have increased. Stephenie Overman in Fortune suggests that it may only be getting harder to prove you have been wronged. In 1965, Baby Boomers made up 40% of the population. Today they make up […]

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