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tcoamf-02 Posted on
April 23, 2012 by

Social Recruiting – The Arriving Storm

Why do you need to know about social recruiting? Literally hundreds of millions of people log onto Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn alone daily. One of the reasons is that businesses have taken notice. What have they noticed? They notice where people are and what they are doing. Facebook and Google have become today’s Big Brother […]

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ajapffi-01 Posted on
April 13, 2012 by

Invest in Your Career Social Media Strategy

Daily I see new blogs, webinars and seminars dedicated to tapping social media for recruiting and talent identification. So in the world of recruiting so-called social media seems to be spreading like wildfire. Companies like Facebook and Google already know more about “candidates” or people than you probably think they may know. Millions of people […]

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pptdtyias-n-04 Posted on
April 02, 2012 by

How To Use Twitter For Job Search

Do I really have to invest my time to use another “social media” channel for my job search? Isn’t doing some things on LinkedIn enough? I hear complaints all the time from early career professionals right on up to $100K+ executives about all “social media” platforms. The complaints range from light frustration on up the […]

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