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to_tweet_or_not_to_tweet_mousepad-p144393877511403859envq7_400 Posted on
August 27, 2012 by

To Tweet or Not To Tweet (When in Job Search)

Do you realize how accessible information is today versus perhaps even five years ago? Many people now know about LinkedIn company pages and options around finding information through LinkedIn. But now just about every company possesses social media recruiting strategies. Many marketing professionals must keep up on new social media strategies to stay relevant on […]

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social-media-opportunities Posted on
August 20, 2012 by

Career Advice from Jordy Nelson and Warren Buffet

If you need to earnestly look for a job as someone in, around, or above the six-figure mark a few things may have changed for you in the last several years. Did you know that in most industries and markets there has been a recession? Some called this the Great Recession. Are we in it […]

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how-to-sell-your-script_medium Posted on
August 14, 2012 by

Selling Your Script to A Recruiter

A resume like a great film script must be refined and adapted. As a story, it must be original and powerful. If you want your script and story sold to a recruiter or hiring manager here are some thoughts from the job search front lines. If you don’t take time to do these things you […]

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hire-interns-01 Posted on
August 08, 2012 by

How to Network Like An Event Planner

To make the most of any event you really need to find out about your Guest List. What if you found out about a guest list in advance for every event you planned to attend? In general networking events where it’s whoever shows up this may seem really hard. But if you were an event […]

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