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how-to-interview-and-work-with-a-designer-and-what-not-to-say Posted on
October 30, 2012 by

Defeat Macro Event Job Search

What happens if you wait for some macro event to establish your new career path? If you are in or want to be in an executive position how should you create a network through big macro events? What events might qualify as macro events during the year? This 2012 year may just end with a […]

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tcoamf-01 Posted on
October 23, 2012 by

Over 50? Reinvent The Job Search Now

After a major buyout by an international competitor who brought in their own sales management team Jeff Rostman lost his job to a younger sales person, half his age and according to Jeff, half his ability. The fallout with new management left Jeff Rostman wondering about his future and looking for a new job after […]

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pressure-from-clients Posted on
October 17, 2012 by

Embrace Relationships & Letdowns (As Part of the Job Search Game)

Regardless of your field, career path, career ambitions or income expectations every career decision comes with a risk, a price of some kind. Whenever you make a decision to change something in your work or your life that matters, it creates a ripple effect in other areas. Think of the decision or make a career […]

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wmabcahtdwt-01 Posted on
October 08, 2012 by

Cover Letters Still Matter

Every so often I look at Linkedin Today for career and recruiting news pertaining to job search and the written word. Many articles appear on various ideas about resumes and cover letters. It seems one of the most popular ways to view cover letters focuses on their general lack of importance. So I wanted to […]

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