Interview Preparation Advice and Primers

Interview Preparation Primer

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Do you feel lost in a recovering economy career-wise? Are there things you feel you need to do now to recast your average career path into an extraordinary career path? Would you like some kind of basic interview career strategy and thought process that you can use today? In 20+ years of working with top performers and career focused people …

Three Steps to Check and Build Your Online Brand

Three Simple Ways to Check and Build Your Online Brand

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You wouldn’t build the world’s finest hotel without first drafting up the architectural plans and laying the best possible foundation. The same applies to your reputation online. ~ Andy Beal in Repped The world is listening and watching your every move. Everything you say online, you scream from the highest building and from the mountaintops. Like it or not your …

Oie Osterkamp Triangle Executive Careers Group

Oie Osterkamp The Ronald McDonald House of Durham

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Oie Osterkamp presented to CareerPro Inc.’s Triangle Executive Careers Group on volunteerism and perseverance. We encourage all clients to add volunteerism to their career shift and growth strategies. Be sure to check out our Events Page to join us for our next meetup group or contact us to let us know you would be interested in presenting.