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References-Featured-Image Posted on
June 23, 2015 by

References Matter

Some people that are in career transition underestimate the impact of references. In fact one executive in career transition literally said this to me last week: “John, the last company I worked with didn’t even bother to check my references.” So does that mean you don’t need to nurture your references? You do. Here is […]

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Stand Out from the Crowd Podcast Posted on
June 08, 2015 by

Stand Out From the Crowd – Improve Your Job Search Readiness In this podcasts we explore questions on Planning a Job Search Campaign, Logistics of Search, Using Creative Thinking, Competitive Differentiation and Proper Self Promotion. We focus on both the stealthy job search or the full-time job search. 

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Geniune Networking and Branding Posted on
June 08, 2015 by

Genuine Networking and Branding

Beta Gamma Sigma’s Bryan Smith and Stephanie Smith discuss takeaways from the discussion on Branding and Networking with Career Pro’s John M. O’Connor on June 5, 2015 at Prestonwood Country Club.

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Old School Ways to Increase your Brand Awareness Posted on
June 02, 2015 by

Some “Old School” Ways to Increase Your Brand Presence

Is it every day that someone sends me, or my Google alert pops up with, another “secret” to personal branding? A LinkedIn trick. A social media short cut to gain customer loyalty. A never before tip to give a brand edge? How often do we see these great ideas? Every minute of every day? The […]

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