How to Relate to Recruiters

How to Define, View and Relate to Recruiters

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You may remember this from the 1946 film of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Cast me as George Bailey, and cast Mr. Potter as the executive recruiter. This is how I felt when I met with executive recruiters early in my career. (Potter’s office – daytime) CLOSE SHOT Potter is lighting a big cigar which he has just given George. The …


Barbara Hemphill Envision Your Career In 2016

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Barbara Hemphill from Productive Environment brings a perspective to executives and asks a key question that will allow you to focus, declutter and bring clarity to your career and life.


3 Interview Tips from Justin O’Connor

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Hollywood based Actor and Entrepreneur Justin O’Connor shares a few lessons learned and tips on how to relate during your interview. In front the camera Justin developed and is a featured in select national commercials.