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Avoid these 5 unforced job seeker errors Posted on
October 30, 2013 by

Avoid These Five Unforced Job Seeker Errors

According to Merriam-Webster Online the definition of the phrase “unforced error” is: a missed shot or lost point (as in tennis) that is entirely a result of the player’s own blunder and not because of the opponent’s skill or effort. Just as in tennis, people in job search can avoid fundamental mistakes if they will […]

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Interview Communications Posted on
August 02, 2013 by

Interview Communication Cracks in the Ice

Let’s talk about the small self damaging work that candidates do to ensure they won’t be hired. Many people in career transition learn to tout and promote their achievements, find a way to practice their elevator pitch and at least have a decent brand of profile. Unfortunately, many people in the interview process quickly eliminate […]

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hotwmiyc-02 Posted on
January 12, 2012 by

How Not to Interview Tips

Have you ever hired someone? Sometimes the fictional stories don’t even come close to what happens in the “real world” of hiring. In 20+ years as a career adviser many stories stand out. In an effort to capture some of those ideas we recently filmed Rick, our fictional and very troublesome candidate. Stay tuned for […]

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ewtiwt-02 Posted on
September 07, 2011 by

Video Interviewing – 3 Tips & 3 Blunders to Avoid

With the increase in broadband usage, social media adoption and the multiple powerful new technologies today video interviewing will only increase. Do you have high definition, digital television at home? If you do can you recall looking at your favorite sporting event or other show in the old way. It seems fuzzy, doesn’t it? It […]

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malolad-04 Posted on
April 18, 2011 by

One Shot One Win

In the last several weeks clients have presented some problems they were facing in their careers. People often ask me what we do. I probably could give them better answers over the years but what we like to do is help them solve career problems. Who is a good client for us? I feel that someone who knows they have a problem, acknowledges that they cannot figure out a solution on their own and wants to partner with us to find a solution.

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Posted on
February 07, 2011 by

Are You Desperate?

If you really want to know what most people broadcast loudly in their career transition or job search it really comes down to about one word. In every quality relationship, think about the value you provide and the value that other person can provide to you. In everything that you do you must indicate your value not quiet or loud desperation.

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Posted on
June 16, 2010 by

Treat Phone Interviews Seriously (including IPhone Facetime and Skype Screening)

Suffice it to say people do miss many key points and steps that would make the phone interview and phone screening interview more productive: Key Research, Phone Base Setup with No Distractions, Questions to Ask the Interviewer, A Clear Follow Up Letter Strategy, Selected Behavioral Questions Readied and more. Other issues on phone screens that are coming to light now are Skype Interviews, Video Phone Screening and more. Phone screening now has a video element. Look out. It may not be here now to a great degree. Your industry may be next.

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Posted on
April 05, 2010 by

5 Interview Blunders to Avoid

Supposedly the job market begins its journey back based on recent government statistics. As always, it becomes not what the US Department of Labor may say it’s often about how the job search goes for you or a close friend or family member. Those seem to be the statistics that matter the most to those we serve.
Now that the market in a lot of areas seems to be on some kind of rebound, what happens when you do get that hard to get interview? Moreover, how could you screw it up? Let me count the ways. Small blunders and large blunders can do you in but here is a primer on some small things that could hurt you. This bottom line is pay attention to every seemingly small detail.

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Posted on
January 18, 2010 by

Sandra Bullock’s Winning Attitude

Perhaps I can comment on something that I see lacking in any industry and with a lot of professionals. How you accept a job, how you accept accolades and awards tells everyone else around you about you. I will risk being accused of being up on entertainment industry news here as I quickly comment on […]

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Posted on
December 15, 2009 by

Small Job Search Mistakes Can Bust Your Brand

Little things that you do can hurt your brand and your career transition.

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