Mark Ogden

"You will find no firm more dedicated and resourceful than John O’Connor and his team at Career Pro Inc. They are tremendous assets, working tirelessly delivering a wide variety of career management and branding, and outplacement services. After finding meaningful work myself with their help I continue to keep the relationship with the network. I especially find value in the caliber of experts that John and the team bring forward as part of his weekly mastermind meetings and internal events. The entire team is dedicated to their clients and craft. Highly recommended."

Bob Russell

"If you are seeking a new opportunity, unemployed, or under-employed I recommend working with John and Dana at CareerPro Inc. of Raleigh. For me their resume support, arsenal of available strategic career advisors, as well as their tremendous networking support gave me the tools I needed to find success navigating the job market. The team at CareerPro Inc's level of personal support even recently helped me with a new role based out of Maine. If you are in need of professional personalized career services they would be my first choice. I've worked with them for over 2 years and trust them to be there when I need them."

Tiffany Willard Dodson

"Career Pro founder John M. O'Connor has a network of impressive professional contacts to aid in a career search and human resource matters. John is a trusted competent professional with impressive tools to aid his clients and has a depth of talent within his organization. I have referred colleagues to John for assistance with career changes and will continue to do so. If you seek a caring, talented and professional group to aid with your career search or with your company’s talent planning, then I highly recommend John M. O’Connor."

Michael Burger

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with John O'Connor and his team at Career Pro, Inc. for nearly a decade. John is a truly dedicated advisor whose expertise and compassion have no bounds. Highly recommended."

Dana Ravitz

"John O'Connor and the CareerPro team have been an invaluable asset during my career transition. John personally cares about each and every one of his clients, and works to ensure their success. I recommend CareerPro to anyone who is looking to reinvent and reinvigorate their career. I could not have made a wiser decision in choosing CareerPro in this process."

Britini Hester

"I am so thankful for John and the CareerPro team! He has helped me gain confidence and really redefine what I can bring to the table when searching for a job. He allowed me to see why I am valuable in the work force."

Kristy Brader

"John helped shape me into the professional I am today through his consummate knowledge in mentorship, career strategy, and business in general. He leverages his wide spanning network to help his colleagues make mutually beneficial connections - he personally connected me with several professionals I wouldn't have met otherwise. John is definitely someone you want on your team!."

Olalah Njenga

"John guided me through the process of "mapping" achievements, results and language to create an elegant solution where the best of my gifts and talents are easily leveraged to capitalize on both private and public sector opportunities. John knows his stuff and I am grateful for his insightful strategy-based approach to "career re-engineering"

Sterling Fulton MHA

"CareerPro Inc. helped me specifically with brand clarification, reinvention and much more. My association with the team at CareerPro has grown over the years, so much so that now I have been able to come back and provide assistance to clients and client companies in the area of outplacement services. I highly recommend John and CareerPro! "

Tim Gemmell

"John and his team provided outstanding career support over more of my career. During times of career change and progression to advanced account leadership roles the provided leadership coaching, advice and suggestions on resumes, LinkedIn, branding and some high level coaching in a number of areas. It has been a very nice 20+ year relationship. "

Jack Walder

"John and his advice helped me land in my current career path. He provided a career perspective that let me to overcome obstacles and reinvent myself. I have counted on him and his team to help me for more than 10 years. Outplacement, career advice and career advancement ideas have assisted me and even helped me be a better leader."

Stewart Little

"Confidential, serious and professional, I have worked with John and his team for many years through many rather serious business moves and transitions. This is my trusted career advisor and outplacement consultant."

Andrew Schilling

"John and the Career Pro Inc. team helped me get started in my career through their excellent coaching and input. Less than a month after working with John, I was going through my final interviews at my next company and accepted an offer soon after. They are excellent partners to have throughout your career, and I highly recommend this company."

Michael Franken

"I appreciate his firm's unique approach to career advancement, HR consulting and outplacement. John's actions reflect an authentic, personal interest in helping others. He's challenged and nurtured me to perform at the next level."

Barbara Hemphill

"If you're looking for a someone to help you develop a new career or enhance your career growth, John O'Connor is top-notch. CareerPro Inc., and the many people associated with it help organizations with creating more efficient talent management systems in key areas: on-boarding, consulting, entrepreneurial options, and outplacement. John has helped me improve my brand and my company."

Graham Crispin, BE MBA

"John is a resourceful and dedicated leader who shares his large network to make progress possible. His professionalism drives results for his clients."

Gayle Howard

"Career Directors International is proud to officially endorse John M. O'Connor as a Certified Master Resume Writer. Mr O'Connor has consistently demonstrated superior talents in the art of strategic resume writing and contemporary career marketing through a portfolio to prove his level of expertise. "

Suzanne (Scherff) McClure

"John and his team at Career Pro helped me change career paths at the age of 50. Within days of sending out the documents his team prepared, I had an interview for my dream job and a volunteer position. The job search process for me has been seamless thanks to Career Pro."

NaTosha Williams

"I wanted to make a transition in my career but I didn't know how or where to start. John coached me to be more aggressive about my transition. He is very passionate and dedicated with helping me understand the power of networking and the importance of personal branding. I continually listen to his podcasts for a refresher or when I need an extra boost of confidence. I am extremely excited about my new career path thanks to CareerPro."

Steve McGugan

"John provides uncommon insight into veterans and their careers. Referred by a trusted staffing service, John assisted me with my brand development and my transition into private industry following a long military career. CareerPro Inc., Triangle Executive Careers Group, his clients and friends all brought a leadership team approach to my effort. I appreciated John's hands on approach as a leader in the military and in business."

William E. Hartmann

"John is a sage at his profession and a true professional. His talents in branding, career coaching, interviewing, and resume writing have served me best. Today's job search is all about branding and landing the job. I feel working with John has added value to my job search."

Ron Buckner

"If you need executive advice, brand development and focused individual attention in your career John and his team at Career Pro Inc. can and will provide it in the way that you need. When I look at making business decisions I surround myself with the best people. In the career area this is my go to team."

Alexandra Castle, Ph.D

"John is a terrific and ethical person who does everything he can to help you present yourself in the best possible way. He is also very helpful in providing expertise so you can really evaluate your goals. We all know that identifying your goals is a critical component of career advancement."

Scott Miller

"I have spent the last 15 years of my professional career with the same company and in the same industry. I approached John to assist me in transitioning my expertise and experience into different industries. I have found my experience working with John to be very professional and effective. His knowledge, experience and networking have been essential in my smooth transition."

Daniel Bowater

"John and his team provided me with insight, connections, ideas, interview skills and the right mindset to do exceedingly well in my career transition. They have served me and gone a lot farther than any expectations I would have had going into working with a company like this in career services. I know long-term the development of my brand and the confidence they gave me in knowing how to promote myself with serve me for the rest of my career. Anyone who is trying to seriously compete in this job market and wants to be more competitive with their job search needs to know about the great ideas and services that Career Pro Inc. offers. I feel like they know me and how I want to manage my career. I really have used their information, ideas and insight throughout this past year. I recommend them highly."

Need an Expert Witness?

As a qualified Expert Witness in Wake County, North Carolina, Mr. O’Connor serves in roles on salary related issues for family law and business issues that impact judgements and decisions.

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Need a Keynote Speaker?

Addressing organizations 2016 and 2017 such as the North Carolina Court System, Office of the Governor (Americorps Program), Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and multiple companies John brings career passion to each talk.

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