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Resumes & Letters

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We will find your critical direct and transferable skills and build your most powerful value proposition. The process is easy for you. it takes 5 to 10 business days from inception to proof. Fees are based on project complexity.

Social Media Networking Tips


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We provide the very latest tactics on how to develop new relationships with executive recruiters, company recruiters and key contacts that will influence your career.

Federal & Military Transition

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One stop shop for career services. We handle every aspect of your search by partnering with you to complete written applications, navigate the federal military transition and train for the federal interview and military-to-civilian career transition.

We are always working with our clients and colleagues nationally to stay on the cutting edge of federal and military transition advancement services.

Learn More About Corporate Outplacement with CareerPro Inc

Corporate Outplacement

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Career Pro Inc. provides the kind of customized solutions that each affected executive needs at the time of transition. Our services include access to a global network of recruiters and hands on help for each client. We don’t just make the claim that we are the best – our clients do.

Learn More About Corporate Outplacement with CareerPro Inc

Executive Career Transition

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Confidential, customized & highly personalized career coaching. We can give you an even higher level of one-on-one coaching through the very competitive career transition process.

Our core team, strategic partners, recruiters, recruiter resources and best of breed senior executive services will absolutely set you apart from your competition.