Small Job Search Mistakes Can Bust Your Brand

JohnOConnorBlogging, Individual Services

I just ran a quick and informal poll about job search behavior through a few of my clients and recruiter friends. This is what they have seen lately:

1. Inappropriate Pictures on Resumes – Yes, you can send a picture in with your picture but a recruiter reported to me that for sales positions she has started getting more “cleavage shots” not “head shots” and that was a turn off, at least to her, especially the guys that showed cleavage. Okay, not the guys but you get it, right? She exclaimed to me: “I have received worse and seen the bad stuff on Facebook and MySpace but let’s not go there for your blog.” Okay. 

2. Tagging Yourself – going to high level business networking events with their name and Jobseeker underlined on their nametag. This person hurt their career because the brand they promoted was all about jobseeking. When they spoke with someone they would lament or speak about the trials of job search. My recruiter friend asked me – “I know you didn’t advise this person, did you?” No.  

3. Old School – several clients over 50 went to a workshop held by “an outplaced executive turned job coach” who suggested that they stop by each of the Fortune 500 persons with their resume (after all, that’s what he did to get his job in the early 70s!); one person drove 500 miles and “dropped” their resume off at six different firms; one receptionist was quite cold and asked if they understood email.

4. Too Much Friending – a human resources professional client said a candidate found her on Facebook and has been trying to “Friend” people like her and others she knows. “It’s kind of creepy and overly aggressive,” she said. 

5. The Onsite Phone Interview – another recruiter reported to me that a candidate for a phone screen showed up in person and onsite, saying “I thought it would be better for you to meet me in person” – no, they did not get invited for the real in person interview. Bye. 

6. The Excessive Emailer – a recruiter friend offered tips to a jobseeker who emailed her 26 times within two weeks, trying to get more and more advice; this overly aggressive behavior let this recruiter know that they should never offer “extra” advice to overly aggressive jobseekers.

7. Improper Use of FedEx – a candidate sent to a recruiter friend a Jack in the Box that when you opened it it spewed confetti; people jumped for cover, thinking it was an explosive device. No, the person was never called back. 

8. Gimmick vs. Portfolio – for a creative hiring manager, a candidate sent in a shoe and said “I want to get my foot in the door” but the hiring person was not impressed, saying “Send me your portfolio not a gimmick or trick; clients don’t want to be ‘tricked’ and above all don’t send me a stinking shoe!”