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#1 Career Advice from Power Executives

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Would you like an edge on career and career advice from some powerful executives and entrepreneurs who are still in the hunt? Whether you are starting your career or well into it here are some highlights from some of those I call power executives and entrepreneurs.

According to many reports and stories that I read in publications like FortuneForbes, and Harvard Business Review, executives understand the importance and role of learning and development in everyday life. As executives get to the end of their career they may publish, talk more publicly and bring out their secrets into the public eye. Those who are in the pinnacle of their career and who lead others may not be making the headlines daily. But their messages are sometimes the most powerful. I wanted to share some of what I obtained and heard from the frontline of business as I see it.

Some leaders actually speak, do Ted Talks and bring thought-provoking and powerful concepts forward.  Not all leaders have time or share that knowledge. One of the reasons I love what I do is that I get to interact and interview some of these great minds. In March and April 2016 I surveyed 50 of the top executives I know and have served or worked with at my company. What did they tell us about careers and what would they impart in about a few sentences about their #1 Career Advice? Find out more below.

To start the people quoted represent themselves but their quotes are representative of those we surveyed. Inspiring and individual each person has greater stories to tell but a month or so ago this is what they would impart to those around them, regardless of age, income or background. These people inspire and have inspired thousands. They may not be national household names but their famous to those who know them, have worked with them and are or have been led or inspired by them.

Executives who create business, build organizations, lead associations and do business the right way inspire. Those who work with them are pushed beyond the status quo to live extraordinary lives not just work lives. These are a few of my business champions.

Their themes include:

Improving Leadership Skills and Abilities in Themselves and Others

Continuous Learning & Curiosity

Creating Networks of Great People

Creating an Innovation Culture and Growth Inside You 

Living By High Work Life Mission and Standards 

Let’s start with Author and CEO of Leading Edge Institute – Amy Edge:

Show up, on time, ready to work with everything you need to do the job and don’t stop till it is done. If you make a mistake, thank the person who brought to your attention, promise it will never happen again and make sure it doesn’t. Always be worth more than you are paid. And never stop growing.

Experience Architect and Author from 9 Inch Marketing Stan Phelps:

There are two vital truths in life. 1. People in life don’t know what they like, they like what they know. 2. A person’s aversion to pain is four times greater than the inducement of a potential reward. What does this mean for a job seeker? It means that you need to get to know people so they can vouch for you. Being a known commodity that someone has referred gives you an incredible edge in the hiring process. The takeaway: network, network, network.

Then let’s turn to business leader and Principal at Crimson Properties, Inc.- R.J. Lopez:

Do not be afraid of failure. How you deal with adversity, with aplomb and character, is as important as constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities and surrounding yourself with great people.

CEO of Statarius and Author Dr. Gary McGrath:

Be authentic. No matter what…put your best foot forward in an interview by being YOU. That means letting them know who the real you is while being smart about it. Have a personal mission statement to clarify your most important personal values so you can assess your fit while they assess your fit. Ask a lot of questions, and connect the value you can bring to help them achieve their goals.

CEO of Career Thought LeadersMarie Zimenoff:

Maintain your professional relationships through regular interaction, don’t wait until you need them. Building your “professional capital” is an everyday activity – attend industry events; connect with colleagues, customers, and vendors on social media – share with them and answer questions frequently; go to local networking events. The world of work is churning faster every day and your only true stability in your career is the power of your professional capital, up-to-date skills, and willingness to take charge of your own career — no company is going to do it for you today.

Driven, eccentric and strong, I found that curiosity, care and success drive those above and those who I interviewed but not at the expense of family, friends, stakeholders and colleagues. As smart as they are in business and intellectually they know people and emotional intelligence may be the greatest asset to anyone. These are some of the lessons learned from my network, peers, colleagues and friends. What are you learning from yours? What’s your advice?

If you have any questions on how to build your professional capital or are transitioning into the executive world and would like more advice get in touch with us to start the conversation!

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