14 Creative Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Coaching Website

Linda ReyesBlogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

Like any other business owner, professional coaches need to market themselves online to reach new clients. This includes having a clean, polished website that offers a clear message about who you are and what you do.

Of course, creating and hosting a great website won’t do you a lot of good if nobody visits it. To draw your audience in, you’ll need to employ some smart marketing techniques to engage your current and potential client base. Here’s what 14 members of Forbes Coaches Council recommend doing to create organic traffic back to your coaching website.

1. Give An Inside Look At Your Personal And Professional Journey

As a coach, it’s great to share your experience and your expertise. That is why people hire you, as they want someone who can guide them through the challenges they are facing. But sharing a little about your personal and professional journey as you continue to learn and grow will build intrigue and make you relatable. We’re all human. Share that human side of you, your life and your business. – Pierrette Raymond, Pierrette Raymond Consulting & Coaching

2. Focus On Creating And Sharing High-Quality Content

The secret to engaging your audience is delivering compelling content to your audience on a consistent basis via social media, live streams, videos, etc. This will give them confidence that they can gain value from being a part of your community and also increase your brand’s credibility. Also, design a good opt-in, like a PDF, e-book or free course, and promote it to drive traffic to your site. – Lakrisha DavisLakrisha Davis & Co.

3. Offer A Unique Experience

The best way to engage your audience is to orchestrate their experience and evoke a desire to keep coming back for more by hosting a free social challenge. A challenge is a results-oriented mini-course run over five days designed to boost your visibility, nurture your audience, activate your Facebook group and demonstrate your expertise by helping your ideal clients achieve a specific result. – Christina JandaliDeliver Your Genius

4. Provide Free Valuable Resources

To keep your audience engaged, you have to give them something engaging to look forward to. For example, each week you can provide a free resource of some sort that they can utilize to help increase their value. This is not only a benefit to them, but also the coach. It increases the coach’s visibility and chances of converting more of your audience into regular paying clients. – Nicole K. WebbNK Webb Group LLC

5. Build A Referral Network Of Other Coaches

The best network we have is our fellow coaches. Share your materials and build your referral network while establishing yourself as a subject matter expert. Encourage others to use your resources, articles and blogs. Take the time to connect personally with other coaches at training, through social media and networking events. Your knowledge will be shared and more organic sales will result. – Gayle DraperIntentional Careers and Human Resources

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6. Launch A Text Message Marketing Campaign

When I am speaking, one of the most successful actions is to invite them to text a number and I’ll send them a free gift or a copy of my presentation. From there they are sure to peruse your site. Even better, you now have their name, mobile number and email address, so that you can continue the conversation in a specific email nurture campaign for that event. It’s a lead to conversion trifecta. – Tracy RepchukInnerSurf Online Brand & Web Services

7. Start A Podcast

As a coach, utilizing internet radio in the form of podcasting is a great way to create organic traffic back to your website. Not only can you host your very own podcast, but you can also actively serve as a guest on other podcasts as well. The two best things about podcasts are, the links remain on the web forever and most podcast platforms are free or low-cost broadcast medium options. – Lori A. MannsQuality Media Consultant Group

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