Google Wave Ideas Can Impact Your Career

JohnOConnorBlogging, Individual Services

If you want to ride a Google Wave into your next career perhaps this adapted how to list will compel you to think differently about how to bring your brand to a new level. Thinking on a different plane may allow you to advance your career path – real-time. Here are a few tips from the ever-invasive Google brain. Think about how these ideas will help you maintain an advantage.

Stay Connected – Google Wave allows you to keep in touch more instantly than IM. Tagging key conversations and knowing what’s going on real time matters.

Share Files – Google Wave allows you to share large files and sharing information may be a critical way to advance your brand, career and help others.

Share Photos – As you know full resolution now rules the digital footprint world. Google Gears can help you drag and drop images. Just remember that the world of work now thinks in pictures more than ever. Catch this wave.

Collaborate Collaborate – Google Docs does some of this kind of work but real time collaborations on critical issues matter. Executives always should be working on critical documents and collaborating, including those in career transition.

Newsletters and Information – You don’t need email or listserv to do this on Google Wave. Create a new Wave and add some collaborative friends.

Conference Call – The power of holding a conference call just got stronger. You can use this feature in your career branding moves, your business strategy and at your traditional job. 

Foreign Language Translations – Yes, you have but the bot Aunt Rosie is coming. Check her out and you can add [email protected] to the Wave you are editing. 

Video Chat – Take this to more relationships and watch your brand increase. 

How to use these ideas properly will be the key. We help executives execute these Google ideas. I would be interested in yours.