Confidence to get a new job

Never doubt your capabilities to get a new job!

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Today’s job search is a difficult process. If you are currently out there looking for work, you know the roadblocks, frustrations and daily grind involved in finding a new position. Plus, if you’re over 50, you have additional hurdles to overcome. Age bias is real and all too prevalent in the job market. Nevertheless…

There are certain things you can do to make the process easier and far more effective. So take a moment to step back, reassess your strategies and review our list of great advice for building your confidence to get a new job:

  • Create a list of everyone you might need to know in your field of expertise who does not know about you but should
  • Get an appointment with your references for a phone check in and pep talk and you encourage them
  • Stop reading your rejection notices that were automated by non-humans
  • Start reading two books and two articles that you should be reading if you had the job you want
  • Develop a presentation on a topic you should develop a presentation on if you had the job you want
  • Find out about meetings where the employed go to get motivated to do better at their jobs
  • Invite two people to coffee who you respect and who you wanted to avoid because they outrank you in your field
  • Write two 500-word articles on topics in your field that need an original touch
  • Face your toughest job search problems TODAY because you probably solved the little problems already


We love receiving feedback and would love to share any advice your might have. Be sure to reply to share your experience when developing that confidence that helped you get a new job!



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