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Daily I see new blogs, webinars and seminars dedicated to tapping social media for recruiting and talent identification. So in the world of recruiting so-called social media seems to be spreading like wildfire. Companies like Facebook and Google already know more about “candidates” or people than you probably think they may know. Millions of people voluntarily adding new pictures, content, information, bios and personal information into these sites helps recruiters get the kind of DNA matches their companies now require in hiring talent.

According to a survey done by, they did a survey to find what job seekers and employers think about using social media during their job search. After surveying over 2,000 job seekers and 400 company representatives, they found:

  • 50% of job seekers still spend most their time searching on traditional job boards
  • 29% of job seekers use social media as their primary tool for job searching
  • 45% of companies plan to invest more in Social Recruiting in 2012

Yet what we see in the world of job search, outplacement and executive career search still kind of surprises. People willingly add information, content, opinions and more so that they can be found by people who want to “connect” with them or sell them. But rarely do people realize they live in an Internet glass house. To create your own strategy on social networks you need guidance and your own plan or social media policy much like a company. Companies need to be on the leading edge and so does just about every individual. Where are you? Do you think by just being active you have a plan? Probably not.

As an individual, isn’t it time to start creating or adding to your brand online so that you can engineer the rather public perception of you in the way you want? I would argue yes. It’s time to act online in a way that will add to your personal and professional goals because nothing online can be thought of as private. So those who have a seeming strong Linked In bio need to get stronger. Executives who already have a presence online need to create their posture and plan to stay connected.

As a company, is it time to leverage social media and social networks to create a more effective recruiting and staffing initiative? I would argue yes. What’s at stake? As a company your bloodline can be traced to the talent you pick and develop. Maximizing candidate engagement, building relationships and placements must be a priority.

So let’s look at the corporate recruiting energy increases and focus now being focused on what I call professional media (social media):

– Engaging Target Audiences Through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Video, and Much More

– Viral Initiatives to Grow the PR of the Company While Building Candidate Referrals (Based on Positive Buzz)

– Investigation and Investment in New Social Media Platforms to Add Speed to Candidate Outreach

– Quick Dissemination of Candidate Information, Job Descriptions, New Postings and Much More

Are you as a job seeker or someone pursuing an aggressive career posture interested in creating a more powerful online presence and brand? Would you like to know more about how recruiters find you whether they are contingency, retained or company paid? If you understand the massive amount of energy and investment in social media then you should know the secrets and tactics behind the engineering of your brand to get noticed, receive proper interest and get hired.

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