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I now find that many of my clients need constant assistance in developing not only the original resume but ongoing assistance in the development of several resumes. But it doesn't end there. They need biographical sketches for online branding opportunities. They must develop original documents for nearly everything, including very specific cover letters. During the search process we perform a slew of tailored edits to job board requests, answering difficult questions and more requests just to play the hiring game properly.


Writing, revising and editing has never been more important even as we see less and less need for traditional resumes and the nearly prehistoric printed resume. Certainly the social media jungle exploded many of the traditional forms of communication into shrapnel of the old forms. Now most jobseekers need clearly branded social media strategies for their career no matter if they are employed or unemployed. Most recruiters simply Google search your name and they almost always check your Linked In presence in the hiring practice. 



One $100K financial industry recruiter said to me:

John: How often do you check out what's online with your top candidates or any candidate? 

Recruiter: John, are you kidding? I always Google them. I check out their profiles on Linked In and I compare them to their peers. There is a public aspect to every candidate I help get hired so I want to know the perception of anyone who is looking at them, namely the company that will hire them. 

John: So how aware are candidates about how they are coming across on the phone, in person, through their resume and through the random results found on the web?

Recruiter: I would have to say they know a little but in my experience these folks in finance don't maximize their possibilities. It makes my job harder. I have to sell them and we spend a lot of time cleaning up their very average resume. I don't have time to figure it all out for them. They need you because most of them are supposedly good at what they do but sloppy when it comes to marketing themselves or having an awareness of how qualified they need to look…even before the first interview. 

John: That's why they need to hire us. 

Recruiter: No kidding. Standing out now takes work. You don't take anything for granted. 

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself when you decide to hire a professional resume writer or career branding professional so that you don't compromise your potential to be hired:

1. How long have you been in business and what's your reputation for helping people like me? Your career decisions cannot be or should not be entrusted to anyone. 

2. Where can I read your testimonials? Many "professional" online experts and resume writers have a very thin reputation online. Work with people who have a multi-year record of success and integrity. 

3. How does your process work in helping me with the original documents? Excellent writers and excellent resume writing and branding companies follow their clients and want to stay in touch. We have followed our clients. Just last week clients from 13 and 15 years ago came back and hired us again. 

4. How long have you been working with and studying how your clients get hired? We have 20 years direct experience in doing this. Some things have changed. Some remain the same. Savvy experts will help you understand how to get hired. I say and have said for the last 20 years as President of Career Pro: It's not the person who is always most qualified who is hired, it's the person who knows how to get hired.

5. What comes up when I Google Search you? You will find those who have a solid online brand. If they don't you don't work with them. 

The fact is you need a professional who journalistically looks into your background and creates marketing tools. Resumes are a part of this marketing package but a savvy, flexible and trained writer / career coach needs to closely work with you so that you deploy these tools correctly. Clients of ours have hundreds of little decisions to make along the way to their next work-life mission and to earn top flight, six-figure plus interviews. We help them find the answer to every one of those questions whether it has to do with writing, online branding, interview training, research or anything related to their career decisions and application processes. 

That person needs to have or should have a multi-year reputation for developing an online branding strategy for clients. They should constantly talk to and interact with hiring decision makers. If they don't fit this profile then don't hire them. If they do, follow their coaching. 

If you want to know how to get hired then call us. 


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