Online Reputation – Early 2011 Trends

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A new group of tools will start to emerge so that you can find out about your reputation online. Most people do not know how to evaluate their online reputation today. It’s harder to stand out now online since everyone seems to be on the web. But the key to standing out needs to be quality, diversity and understanding some of the new trends in online reputation management.


On The Upswing:

Companies are now hiring people to help their employees build their own brands on the web.

Picture based social networks are on the rise.

Short, picture focused and Twitter-like communications.

Online identity will be a trend for kids as well as adults.

Pictures, video and audio are all on the upswing.


On the Downswing:

Long blogs and blogging platforms.

Traditional email communication.

Excessive information and volume vs. quality of information produced.

Relevant and timely communication.

If you have a question or a thought regarding online identity trends contact us. For more resources and ideas look at a few of these ideas and let us know about others you are seeing.

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