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Mobile recruiting must be seen as a global reality, a trend that impacts every company, anywhere in the world. It will impact your career, your company and your search. The world of social recruiting will become a significant hiring source and place for engagement. As we match the two you now should see the newest and most important recruiting trend of 2016 (and beyond).

Recruiting is Going Green

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, companies will need to take the lead in developing a strong social conscience and sense of environmental responsibility. The keys are demonstrating to Millennials that they are open, trusting, collaborative learning entities so that those they recruit will see themselves playing an important role in supporting and developing their employees and local communities. Companies that don’t demonstrate a control over their supplier networks to ensure that corporate ethical values are upheld across the supply chain will suffer in recruiting and retaining top talent. Let’s hold hands now because we are all connected and our stakeholders want to know it before they interact and apply.  In The Future of Work – A Journey to 2022, PriceWaterhouseCoopers says: “In turn, the combination of ethical values, support for the real economy and family- friendly hours is an opportunity to create a new employee value proposition that isn’t solely reliant on pay. Corporate responsibility is not an altruistic nice to have, but a business imperative.

The Past Is Gone (Hopefully)

It’s going away. To streamline the process of resume intake and to satisfy the world of human resources, legal and compliance hawks in general there seemed to be no way to streamline the process of resume intake and candidate movement through the external job sites, internal processes and then to disposition. The barriers to simplification were and are many. Now companies like Forrester Research point out that companies want talent acquisition applications that have strong external candidate marketing and engagement process and a full-featured internal candidate selection process. In short, they want simple, social and mobile engagement. Your company doesn’t have this interaction? Your company loses. Now the demand must be to simplify the cumbersome platforms and create dialogue and engagement long before candidates apply for jobs. This will require recruiters to spend a lot more time interacting, engaging, discussing and selling. According to Danielle Mongahhan, head of talent acquisition-consumer at Amazon: “More companies will be creating social recruiting teams within both their HR and marketing functions, and these teams will be focused on having timely, authentic and targeted interactions with potential candidates.”

The Future Is Here

Prior to the innovations and access to mobile the recruiting process depended on  the many ATS (Applicant Tracking System) models but now have turned into a more mobile and social engagement focus that can be called a better mousetrap or a Candidate Relationship Management model. That’s short for communication and engagement.  Focuses of these kinds of software include features such as sourcing, social media, engagement platforms, and recruitment marketing. Companies, external and internal recruiters now need to “engage” candidates, demonstrate their commitment to social or interactive communications or suffer the consequences. At minimum companies must respond to the changing world of work in critical ways. How do you see the future of recruiting? To ensure that recruiting and HR engages on mobile is one thing but it must be paired with social recruiting that focuses on the greening of the workforce.

Here are three ways continued globalization and the widening skills gap will require social, mobile and improved platforms to attract all generations and the diverse talent base you need to survive the coming talent acquisition demands, the storm on the horizon:

  • Powerful Candidate Engagement Through Social Media.
  • Recruitment Marketing and Social sourcing with Recruiting Analytics.
  • Creation of Talent Communities for Future Engagement on Jobs.
  • Interactive, Streamlined Application Process.
  • Culture and Emotional Intelligence Assessments.
  • Powerful Mobile Functions for Candidates, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers.
  • HR Analytics to Support Smart Hiring Decisions.

If you want to learn more about what companies will do or should do email CareerPro Inc. at [email protected] and ask for Study 2022. For now as a candidate find out what matters to you in your next role and demand that your company consider this kind of win-win engagement. As a corporate, recruiting or HR leader study the technology but go farther, study the demographic changes and the people behind the trends.

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