Three Steps to Check and Build Your Online Brand

Three Simple Ways to Check and Build Your Online Brand

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You wouldn’t build the world’s finest hotel without first drafting up the architectural plans and laying the best possible foundation. The same applies to your reputation online. ~ Andy Beal in Repped

The world is listening and watching your every move. Everything you say online, you scream from the highest building and from the mountaintops. Like it or not your words, shares, images and statements are on display to the entire world 24/7. How do you want your brand reputation to be perceived? It’s so important to think about the connotations that you want for your online brand whether you work for a company, own your own business, do consulting on the side or are “successful” in any way. Your online brand development should never stop.

What are your goals for your online reputation? Do you have any? Are your goals set by the company you work for now? Are your online goals dictated by what you’ve done in the past? Do you even have any online reputation goals? Just listing the basics of your jobs and vitals on LinkedIn could be branding.

In the career world of 2015 you need to lead your online brand forward, it is important to never take anything for granted. Know that your brand image can change in a matter of minutes. Whether you like it or not you can refine, update and keep your brand fresh and engaged and not flat.

1. Online Reputation Starts with Google.

branding-starts-on-GoogleToday you can Google yourself, set up Google alerts and create a reputation tracking system that alerts you to anything said about you, your brand and/or your company. If you don’t monitor this, you may be blindsided by silly comments or misconceptions that can hurt you. You do not have to be famous to be maligned.


2. Everything is Intentional.

Never-send-on-accidentNever accidentally or haphazardly add content to your Facebook personal page. Only add content to blogs, articles, comments, likes on Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and anything social media that you would want others to see. By others, I mean literally anyone in the universe. In other words do not write, add photos or anything unless you intend for those images to be shared and used by anyone.


3. Reality vs. Fantasy.

Be-Who-You-Say-You-AreIt may take some of us our whole lives to try to live up to the intentional brand we want to create in the minds of our friends and customers. Trying to be honest, hard working, pleasant, engaging, kind, professional and giving matters to the world of online reputation. Matching your character in person to the person you are online takes work. If you want to be perceived as a giving person online, then become that giving person with those you meet. Try to match words with actions that accentuate and build your brand.


These basic principals need to be in place for you to create a foundation for your brand. How do you want to be known as a person? How do you want to be perceived as a professional or expert in your field? It takes a daily commitment to meet and exceed those goals.

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