Tips to Tools :: Video Resume / Personal Branding

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I did throw in some tips that I hope my clients and others can utilize:

Career Pro advises executive job seekers to be conscious of other issues when deciding whether to launch a video resume.  The company encourages seekers to consider the following issues and questions:

– Confidentiality:  where to place or send your video becomes critical — especially if you are working full-time.
– Personal Branding – Long-term Image Building – does this video market me or build my professional image?
– Ask yourself:  what other sources of video communications could I use (as opposed to a plain video shot of me answering interview questions?)
– Who is the intended audience of this piece of marketing communications? 

For in-depth comments or consultation on the use of video resumes, Career Pro suggests that executive clients continue to watch trends and even consult employment law attorneys on these issues.