Video Resume Revolution

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So for you who will not read the PR, our latest release is excerpted with just my quotes on video resume revolution:

For too long, Mr. O’Connor states, recruiters, hiring managers and talent seekers have had only a two-dimensional view of candidates, says John M. O’Connor, president of Career Pro, Inc.  As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, executive job-seekers must adapt.  We work with our clients to develop a long-term strategy and employ increasingly creative and sophisticated techniques such as video resumes.

John M. O’Connor, President of Career Pro Inc., a Master’s of Fine Arts graduate himself, long-since recognized the need for creativity in the approach to marketing candidates. In trying to provide our job seekers an advantage we wanted to be first in recognizing that top talent deserves top representation. A 16-year veteran career coach and career advisor, Mr. O’Connor states that quality written content still matters; however, the marriage of the video CV to the Internet is complete. He sees technology advancing quickly in this area of job-search. This movement I see in the career field means that most people must start to understand how to be their own best public relations firm. The video resume is part of a short an long-term strategy.
O’Connor also advises do-it-yourself job seekers to exercise caution. 
The increasing prevalence of the Internet as a hiring tool can be a double-edged sword for job-seekers, says O’Connor.  When people post on blogs, set up profiles on Facebook and MySpace and post videos on YouTube, they are creating an online profile of themselves.  Unfortunately, far too many people are painting a less-than-flattering picture of themselves.  Additionally, do-it-yourself video resumes often add to the problem.  Our advice:  be careful, and keep it professional.”
A well-conceived, professional video resume can greatly enhance an executive’s job search, O’Connor adds.  Our staff can work with clients to develop and produce video resumes that enhance their job search, not detract from it.