Your #1 Career Resolution – Thrive During Change

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by John M. O’Connor and Barbara Hemphill

It’s just so easy to set resolutions at the beginning of a new year. It feels good to do it. Even in the best of times, your work life can be challenging and managing interruptions happen in literally every job, blue collar to white collar. When unexpected changes occur our new goals and resolutions get delayed and often take a major hit; however, top achievers seem to carry on and thrive even during war and rumors of war. If your goals don’t go haywire a little during change then you probably set your new year’s goals or resolutions too low. Change enters the picture, the challenges often feel overwhelming and consequently resolutions snap. How do you keep your new goals and that resolve you need in the face of career shifts and change? Your career fuels your income and creates your work and life. How you handle the mental battlefield of change in your career may make a huge difference between reaching your goals, thriving or dogging out another year of mostly okay results and some broken resolutions.

Here are examples of resolution snapping news that come with every new year:

· Your Company Changes – you receive notice that your company has just been purchased by it’s largest competitor.

· Rumors Abound About Change – the new (or old) CEO implies it’s time to do more with less and the rumor mill starts at work.

· Physical Change – Office – the announcement is made that within six months your office will be paperless, will be relocated or your work team will change.

The fear of the unknown makes focusing on your job difficult, and you wonder if you should begin looking elsewhere for work. Or do you find ways, as you have before, to tackle and roll with this change. In many ways, a career is a marriage. No career is perfect, and when you change one for another, you simply take on a new set of challenges. Working things out, compromising, learning, adapting and accepting change as the new normal helps your psyche. How do you anticipate change, tackle it and still resolve to meet your personal and professional resolutions?

Embrace Emotional Stability

Consider the upcoming change as an opportunity. Look for the positive in everything you do and see. In working with many multi-million dollar companies and $100K+ performers, for over 20 years it’s amazing to us that the top achievers create a rhythm in their work life regardless of circumstances. They take breaks at work and they take breaks from work. They maturely see change as a given and seem calm even in the face of 12+ hour days, people or company crisis. These high performers commit to consistently. They don’t get too high or low. They don’t panic. They stay focused on what they can control – their actions and their attitude. Most top performers anticipate career positives and negatives. They keep updated resumes, work on their networking and never allow one company to control their destiny.

Create Career Freedom Not Clutter

If organization is one of your strengths, congratulations! This reality will serve you well. If not, now is a great time to work on that area so you will be more prepared for whatever comes. Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use. Now is a good time to go through you office and continually ask the questions, “Does this help me accomplish my work or enjoy my life?” If the answer is “Not really,” let it go. These physical weights seem to create barriers and to most high performers dwelling in the past prevents a focus on the future. Top performers and leaders want to shed themselves of clutter. Accepts this as a success principal during times of career change and as you focus on new goals.

Drive Relational Improvements

Top performers set career relationship goals not just number goals. They focus on creating new relationships with customers, creating better relationships with top connectors and find ways to build on new relationships. They realize that focusing on key relationships and building deeper friendships is digging a well before you need water. Top achievers share part of their goals with those who can and want to help them reach their goals. You never know where you will be and who might be with you when the dust settles so they don’t try burn relationship bridges even if they gently let go of unproductive relationships. Spend more time listening than talking. You’ll be amazed at what you might learn if you’re willing to demonstrate a listening ear. They ask power questions of their network like: How can I help you? They listen.

Whether your goals this year focus on the spiritual, emotional, intellectual or the financial find ways to create space in your work life for inevitable change. Realize change is the norm and decide to thrive no matter what happens on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Copy some of the top performer mentality we have seen during change – positivity, mindfulness, acceptance, opportunity. Set goals and resolutions by all means but find ways to create stability, freedom and deeper, improved relationships regardless of the ups and downs of any given moment.


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