How To Pick The Best Well-Being Initiatives To Reward Your Employees

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Offering your employees well-being initiatives that they can use to their benefit may seem like a solid idea. It provides your employees a way to de-stress and improve their personal and professional life. But, are you giving your employees the well-being benefits that they really want and need? Every employer struggles with the fine line between benefits that will enhance the …

10 Easy Ways To Implement Experiential Learning In The Corporate World

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In today’s world, experiential learning provides a valuable opportunity for employees to learn from experience. Through its skill-building processes and techniques, your employees can learn to better interact with customers, co-workers, and management by learning from real-world examples. Experiential learning offers an array of discovery opportunities. By making the process fun and relatable, your workers can gain valuable skills that benefit …

13 Effective Ways To Educate Employees On Diversity

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Diversity is a crucial element of who we are as a society, but even now, in 2018, some businesses are struggling with the concept. While missteps can and do happen to the best of businesses when it comes to the sensitivity and being all-inclusive, how a company chooses to go about fixing the mistakes can make all the difference. Take …

Hire Tough – Manage Easy

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– by David Mantica and John M. O’Connor How do you increase your recruitment success rate? Let’s dig deeper into the strategy of hiring and introduce a model, currently in use, which has, over a period of three years, significantly increased recruitment success rate in terms of productivity and attrition. The model is SIC/ME. It is based on evaluating candidates on what …

Did You Just Hire a Loose Cannon?

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By David Snyder and John M. O’Connor The hiring process in one of the most delicate tasks that companies face. Employee turnover costs firms thousands of dollars every year, and making poor hiring decisions can be devastating. While it is critical that managers attempt to hire workers with exceptional character, it is equally important that they avoid potentially destructive candidates, …


Social + Mobile Recruiting Power

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Mobile recruiting must be seen as a global reality, a trend that impacts every company, anywhere in the world. It will impact your career, your company and your search. The world of social recruiting will become a significant hiring source and place for engagement. As we match the two you now should see the newest and most important recruiting trend …

2016 Global Perspective

Career Planning: A 2016 Global Perspective on Business and Career

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by John M. O’Connor and Sallyann Hulick Business and stock market fluctuations continue to be the order of the day. More than any other time in history, those fluctuations come from a global marketplace. So how do you navigate that marketplace for your business and even your own career plans? Today a successful business and career must be considered global …

Connect with the Right Staffing Firm

How to Connect with a Staffing Firm

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Working with staffing companies, recruiters (both third party and company/organizational) can be intimidating. In a recent interview and discussion with one of our longtime networking friends I found some notes I thought would be helpful to our readers. Jeff Raxlin serves in an executive role with a leading recruiting company in North Carolina, Kelaca, and I posed a number of challenging questions to to find out some of what I call the insider secrets to networking with and building a relationship with recruiters. What you will see focus on Mr. Raxlin’s thoughts and my notes and thoughts on this issue of staffing and recruiter communications.