Making The Most of Office Politics

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By Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC and John M. O’Connor, MFA, CRW Have you noticed how office organization charts always look so nice and neat — how the lines of communication are always straight and direct?  Jason reports to Margaret who reports to David who reports to Damon.  That’s the formal power structure of the organization. It’s important because it shows …

Hiring and Retaining People with Disabilities (Special Abilities) Makes Business Sense

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Hiring people with physical and mental disabilities can and should be viewed as good business. Companies and organizations that support and encourage hiring people with disabilities send the most important message to their respective audiences, customers, stakeholders and the communities they inhabit. What are some of those unintended but important message consequences? Here are a few to consider: 1. Inclusion …

Career Success is a Thumbs Up

Social Media and Where Employment Law is Taking It

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Employment law issues impact everyone who works. Most of us allow the law to operate in the background and don’t possess the awareness that we should about certain issues. With recent notes on some significant employment law updates it’s important to share a little bit of what’s new. First let’s consider the sheer breadth of law and how it impacts …

Hiring People with Disabilities – Core Resources

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Because I have been inspired by the stories and career path of people with disabilities, I always believe that people that may be in this category deserve at least the same consideration as anybody else. This means employers must continually educate themselves on how to make their hiring and recruiting practices more open to great people. What have I found? …

Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching

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Whether you’re currently employed, in transition or looking for creative ways to advance your career, we can help you build the power you need to compete in today’s competitive job market. We can provide individual attention and fresh ideas when it comes to helping you spark authentic career advancement.

Work Life Journey Organizational Chart

Career Assessment

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We call our unique approach the “Worklife Journey.” We want to determine who you are and who you have become as a person through assessment of what matters to you. What do you like to do? What do you thrive on from a work perspective?

Learn More About Corporate Outplacement with CareerPro Inc

Executive Career Transition

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Confidential, customized & highly personalized career coaching. We can give you an even higher level of one-on-one coaching through the very competitive career transition process.

Our core team, strategic partners, recruiters, recruiter resources and best of breed senior executive services will absolutely set you apart from your competition.

Employee Referrals – Approach This Networking Tactic with Care

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One of the most overlooked aspects of networking are employee referrals. Sadly, many eager networkers who are in career transition don’t take time to build the relationships needed to secure a positive referral from a friend, a former colleague or even a new relationship. Handle this networking approach with care.