Decision-Making Anxiety Wearing You Down? 13 Tips For A Clear Mind

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Making decisions is something we do every day. Entrepreneurs, however, often have to make even more decisions than the average person, and their choices may have far-reaching effects and implications. It’s no wonder that many of us feel anxious when it comes down to making an important decision. We asked members of the Forbes Coaches Council for their best advice on working around the …

5 Ways to Discipline + Network Online

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The word networking conjures up so many thoughts and words. What do you want on or off-line networking to do for you? How do you want to be perceived on the different networking mediums. Does this matter that much to you or are you a mild observer or a light or non-participant on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like? To …

Career Advice from Top Executives

#1 Career Advice from Power Executives

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Would you like an edge on career and career advice from some powerful executives and entrepreneurs who are still in the hunt? Whether you are starting your career or well into it here are some highlights from some of those I call power executives and entrepreneurs. According to many reports and stories that I read in publications like Fortune, Forbes, and …

Negotiation is a Brain Game

Negotiation is a Brain Game

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Cheshire Parker Schneider and Bryan’s family law lawyer Jenny Bradley shared insights on mediation, negotiation techniques and working with high conflict people at the CareerPro Inc. Executive meeting. Bradley: “The human brain has three ‘layers’; a reptile brain, an Inside Out brain, a primate brain.” Citing her core education and training in psychology, each brain state so to speak affects …

The Questions behind Interviews and how to Answer them

The Questions Behind Interview Questions

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In almost every interview and with every interview question interviewees try to one up with the perfect answer. They often believe that behind most interview questions lurk another hidden group of questions and an agenda. They are right. Unless it is a closed ended question about facts, software/technology or right/wrong or true/false questions, most questions are focused on how you …

Key Federal Resources for Veterans

Key Federal Employment Resource for Veterans

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Let’s focus on hiring issues for veterans and the federal government. The United States government calls this section of Special Hiring Authorities for Veterans. With the many conflicting information sites claiming to provide veterans with career assistance and advice, I want to distill some very good information provided to veterans through, yes, our government in the United States. The section …

Career Control & Marketing: Manage Time Effectively

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How to Manage Time Effectively by Jeff Davidson and John M. O’Connor Many are motivated to achieve their goals and a large number already possess the requisite skills. However, the one thing everyone seems to say is that they don’t have enough time. Write an article? Prepare a speech? Do all of this while in your career or while you …

How to Relate to Recruiters

How to Define, View and Relate to Recruiters

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You may remember this from the 1946 film of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Cast me as George Bailey, and cast Mr. Potter as the executive recruiter. This is how I felt when I met with executive recruiters early in my career. (Potter’s office – daytime) CLOSE SHOT Potter is lighting a big cigar which he has just given George. The …


Your #1 Career Resolution – Thrive During Change

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by John M. O’Connor and Barbara Hemphill It’s just so easy to set resolutions at the beginning of a new year. It feels good to do it. Even in the best of times, your work life can be challenging and managing interruptions happen in literally every job, blue collar to white collar. When unexpected changes occur our new goals and …