References Matter

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Some people that are in career transition underestimate the impact of references. In fact one executive in career transition literally said this to me last week: “John, the last company I worked with didn’t even bother to check my references.” So does that mean you don’t need to nurture your references? You do. Here is why. Reference checks can confirm …

Interview Preparation Advice and Primers

Interview Preparation Primer

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Do you feel lost in a recovering economy career-wise? Are there things you feel you need to do now to recast your average career path into an extraordinary career path? Would you like some kind of basic interview career strategy and thought process that you can use today? In 20+ years of working with top performers and career focused people …

Three Steps to Check and Build Your Online Brand

Three Simple Ways to Check and Build Your Online Brand

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You wouldn’t build the world’s finest hotel without first drafting up the architectural plans and laying the best possible foundation. The same applies to your reputation online. ~ Andy Beal in Repped The world is listening and watching your every move. Everything you say online, you scream from the highest building and from the mountaintops. Like it or not your …

Learning to Listen During Career Transitions

Learning to Listen During Career Change

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Have you ever said to someone I hear you when someone is really asking you to listen? I have. There is a big difference between hearing someone and listening. In 24 years of counseling people in career transition and career direction, listening matters most. Listening to the right people, the encouraging people and listening to your inner voice requires a …

Successful Work-Life Balance

Do You Have A Successful Work-Life Balance?

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What’s the good news? Simply put Jeff Davidson outlines a number of fundamental steps to find out if you have a work-life balance in one of our latest podcasts entitled – Personal Balance Identifiers (to hear the podcast click here). Most of us think we have a work life balance but most of us don’t. Many mistakes clients have made …

Opportune Times For Self Renewal

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By Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC and John M. O’Connor, MFA, CRW You might encounter career milestones, such as a large pay increase, your appointment to a special/high office, or election as an officer in your professional association or group. You might be interviewed by a national publication, obtain career recognition and raises or have your biographical information published in a …

Job Searching While Employed

Execs Job Searching While Employed? Play It Safe

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So you are working on your resume while at work and doing a little job search now that the economy seems to be coming back. You may want to hit that boss button. Making a job switch requires balancing ambition and savvy. Follow these five steps to keep your reputation intact, your digital footprint clean and your career more secure. …

Ask Yourself Some Questions to Succeed

Answers to Career Questions You Should be Asking Yourself

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As you make changes consider asking yourself some career questions. By using these career questions it will help you develop a more balanced profile for business and career growth. The questions may be simple, but they are not always easy to answer. No matter who you are or what you have accomplished in the past, you need to reinvent to …