Don't blather your Executive Brand

Don’t Blather Your Executive Brand

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What’s the view of you as an executive? Is it as clear as you think or is it obscured? What do you want it to be? In re-reading one of my dad’s old short stories, Blather, the narrator hysterically drives the story of excessive worry of a mother about her son. Without clarity, I see a lot of people, executives …

Ask the Headhunter

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Interview with Nick Corcodilos In all the people we coach and influence questions come up constantly about how to work with recruiters and headhunters. Without editing the raw advice I wanted to have a conversation with Nick Corcodilos, the brash, oft quoted and powerfully connected headhunter and management consultant from Ask the Headhunter. Just like any advice you may find …

LinkedIn Fundamentals: Part One

LinkedIn Fundamentals: Part One

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You need a LinkedIn profile and it needs to be strong. We will cover the basic LinkedIn fundamentals here because most people in career transition or change, which is probably all of us, do not understand or implement the basics. The basics include a professionally rendered resume and accurate career material. We assume you understand the level of confidentiality you …

Best Jobs in the Triangle

Take Ownership of Your Career

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Everyone’s career comes in different shapes and patters according to their own work life goals. Variables come in to play at different stages. How would you categorize your career today and as you look into the near future? Are you actively looking for a job without a current job? Are you keeping an eye open to new consulting opportunities? To …

Job Search Taxes and Deductions

2014 – 2015 Job Search Taxes and Deductions

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But if you have looked for a job in 2013 or you plan to search for employment in 2014 then you should take every legitimate tax break you can. Don’t leave money on the table for yourself when it comes to your salary negotiations and don’t leave money on the table for the government when they have opened the tax door of deductions for you.

Employment Outlook through LinkedIn

2015 Employment Outlook – LinkedIn is Shaping the Future of Recruiting

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Let’s look back and let’s look forward. In 2007 I was quoted in an article that was inspired by me sending a Linked In invitation to a reporter at the Raleigh News & Observer about a story she was writing about networking groups and LinkedIn. In her reply to me I remember the reporter, not knowing what LinkedIn is was, asked me was it a dating site and, well. “Uh, I don’t think it is a dating site and, you know, I am not sending out dating invitations…but I think LinkedIn is big and going to be bigger.” Embarrassed I scrambled to inform Sue Stock about my business only intentions and ultimately I got to add the finishing touches to her article on LinkedIn and networking – “You are your Google search results.”

2014-2015 Holiday Job Search To Do

2014-2015 Holiday Job Search To Dos

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So we enter into the holiday period. But this holiday period may be unlike any in recent memory. The recession for most companies is dead and gone. No, that does not mean wages are back but hiring is smoking and it’s up dramatically. So we may be approaching a boom period. For the first time I now hear outplacement statistics …

2014 Best Places to Work Award

Find the Triangle’s Best Places To Work!

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At this moment I am sitting at a back table at the Durham Convention Center in the Durham Marriott finding out about some of the best companies in North Carolina and the Triangle. Wherever you are geographically find out what about companies are doing to attract, retain and keep talent. According to some of the local North Carolina Triangle Business …

Improve Your Resume from Blah to Wow

Take Your Resume From Blah to Wow

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When creating a resume it’s important to look at the document as a branding tool, written to a specific audience (the employer) and it must capture the attention of the reader to achieve the goal of getting an interview. In today’s market, content remains the king and content drives strategy, which includes the look, keywords, achievements and duties associated with …

Corporate training and speaking opportunities in Raleigh NC

A Networking Rock Star Speaks (and You Can Be One Too)

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Remember to bring a business mindset to every networking event. Ms. Haney Woods: I treat networking like I do an interview. I research who will be at a meeting, what they might ask me and I dress as if I am interviewing with them for a job I really want. So in networking Kat suggests that you need to take the initiative. Always make the ask and don’t be scared to ask for what you want.