Age Discrimination and the Law – A Primer

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As the aging of the workforce goes up and many of the baby boomers reaching retirement, the complaints about age discrimination have increased. Stephenie Overman in Fortune suggests that it may only be getting harder to prove you have been wronged. In 1965, Baby Boomers made up 40% of the population. Today they make up over a quarter of the …

Are Recruiters Demanding Too Much Information in the Hiring Process?

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I asked one client about his recent experience during an all day executive assessment.
He said: “Are they allowed to pull my DNA too? I cannot believe how much I had to reveal and submit for them to even consider me. When did this happen?”
If you haven’t been interviewing or are not ready to handle these requests the message is clear. Companies want more information from you and they are trying to get it whether you like it or not.
Has this happened to you? What have you done to respond? How will you respond in the future?

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Employee Referrals – Approach This Networking Tactic with Care

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One of the most overlooked aspects of networking are employee referrals. Sadly, many eager networkers who are in career transition don’t take time to build the relationships needed to secure a positive referral from a friend, a former colleague or even a new relationship. Handle this networking approach with care.

The Dilemma of Multiple Voices, Outplacement As It Is and The Complications of Job Search

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I read many insightful articles. Hopefully I have written a few over 17 years. Recently I read some articles published by The Wall Street Journal and other publications devoted to job search insights.  Unfortunately most article insights do not go far enough to provide the kind of detailed, one on one coaching someone needs during a job search. They can’t. …