2016 Global Perspective

Career Planning: A 2016 Global Perspective on Business and Career

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by John M. O’Connor and Sallyann Hulick Business and stock market fluctuations continue to be the order of the day. More than any other time in history, those fluctuations come from a global marketplace. So how do you navigate that marketplace for your business and even your own career plans? Today a successful business and career must be considered global …

Making The Most of Office Politics

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By Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC and John M. O’Connor, MFA, CRW Have you noticed how office organization charts always look so nice and neat — how the lines of communication are always straight and direct?  Jason reports to Margaret who reports to David who reports to Damon.  That’s the formal power structure of the organization. It’s important because it shows …

Learn More About Corporate Outplacement with CareerPro Inc

Corporate Outplacement

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Career Pro Inc. provides the kind of customized solutions that each affected executive needs at the time of transition. Our services include access to a global network of recruiters and hands on help for each client. We don’t just make the claim that we are the best – our clients do.

Bringing on a Board of Directors

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Many of these concepts can be started during any career upheaval. It would be nice if these ideas were all supported by your current company. But most of the time they are not. If they are great. If not then it is up to you to put together your critical team members. In other words, do not rely on your current company or organization to do this for you. You do it.

Employee Referrals – Approach This Networking Tactic with Care

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One of the most overlooked aspects of networking are employee referrals. Sadly, many eager networkers who are in career transition don’t take time to build the relationships needed to secure a positive referral from a friend, a former colleague or even a new relationship. Handle this networking approach with care.

The Dilemma of Multiple Voices, Outplacement As It Is and The Complications of Job Search

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I read many insightful articles. Hopefully I have written a few over 17 years. Recently I read some articles published by The Wall Street Journal and other publications devoted to job search insights.  Unfortunately most article insights do not go far enough to provide the kind of detailed, one on one coaching someone needs during a job search. They can’t. …