CareerPro’s success in helping leaders better achieve their goals stems from an emphasis on providing meaningful executive coaching services which meet the unique circumstances and needs of your organization. We do not rely on “off-the-shelf” programs, but instead focus on understanding and defining the dynamics of your organization. After collaborating with both executive and key stakeholders to establish goals, priorities and measures of success, your CareerPro coach works to enhance the capabilities of leaders to create a competitive advantage for your firm.

  • Enhanced executive and team performance
  • Attraction of top talent
  • More innovative mindsets
  • Increased awareness & engagement
  • Outplacement career transition

Our Approach

CareerPro's corporate support begins by understanding the needs and sensitivities of your organization. We work to maximize your leadership and talent, and minimize disruption and concerns during times of downsizings and outplacement. This involvement holds whether the employees are co-located, remote, and/or global.

We use a disciplined process designed to implement strategic coaching engagements and outplacement transitions as smoothly and effectively as possible. Along with personal consulting, group seminars and workshops, the process includes:

  • Assessment and Consultation

  • Questions - What Services and What Level of Investment You Will Make For Current Talent or Exiting Employees

  • Specific Concentration On Leadership Development Specifics, Talent Movement and/or Other IssuesCareer Services Needs: Time, Resumes, Onsite or Offsite Combination

  • Custom Programs - Days, Months, Level Of Service, Engagement Fees, Expectations

  • Effective & Immediate - Within Hours CareerPro Creates Plans That Work For You

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Executive Coaching + Leadership Development + Talent Management Consulting

Are you looking to improve your work force? With proven HR Consultants and Advisory Group we can help you improve, retain and transition talent. If we can’t effectively or efficiently help you we can refer you to best practice staffing companies and leaders. Because of our reputation in human resources consulting, outplacement and career services we help select companies find unique talent.

By in-depth research, assessments, and 30+ years of search success we can help identify the right person for the position and help keep your work force productive. We train, consult and can provide deeper competency based assessments to ensure skills and behaviors match your organization’s needs.


Corporate Outplacement

Our corporate outplacement services include access to a global network of recruiters and hands on help for each client. We don’t just make the claim that we are the best – our clients do. With hundreds of testimonials recorded and on record and more than any other outplacement firm in the United States.

Powerful. Proven. Effective.
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