Corporate Services

CareerPro Inc. provides a unique combination of services for companies where we focus on a very individualized approach that helps us serve our corporate outplacement and consulting clients with talent transition issues. Our corporate outplacement services include access to a global network of recruiters, service providers and hands on help for each corporate or non-profit customer and each individual who is in our programs.

  • Fit your program parameters – Would you like to find the appropriate Pre-Event Planning for Downsizing?
  • Total customized outplacement solutions – Would you like a turnkey online or in person outplacement program with fees that fit your company’s budget?
  • Executive Solutions – Would you like your executives and professionals obtain one on one service and a suite of robust, useable programs that work?
  • Notification and Separation – Do you need reliable, trusted advice to ensure that your process works for those affected?

Our Approach

CareerPro’s outplacement support begins by understanding the needs and sensitivities of your organization. We work to minimize disruption and concerns of all parties affected-remaining employees, management, and those separating from the company. This step works to reduce anxieties, build confidence and helps to maintain your organization’s brand in the marketplace. This involvement holds whether the employees are co-located, remote, and/or global.

We use a disciplined process designed to implement transitions as smoothly and effectively as possible. Along with personal consulting, group seminars and workshops, and a web portal, the process includes:

  • Complete Assessment and Consultation On Headcount, Communication Plans and Immediate Needs

  • Answering Questions - What Services And What Level of Investment You Will Make For Exiting Employees

  • Specific Concentration On Career Services Needs: Time, Resumes, Onsite or Offsite Combination, LinkedIn, Resumes, Interview Skills, Research

  • Customizing Programs - Days, Months, Level Of Service, Engagement Fees, Expectations

  • Bringing It All Together - Within Days CareerPro Inc. Can Create A Plan That Can Be Implemented Effectively

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Talent Coaching, Retainment + Onboarding

Are you looking to improve your work force? With proven HR Consultants and Advisory Group we can help you improve, retain and transition talent. If we can’t effectively or efficiently help you we can refer you to best practice staffing companies and leaders. Because of our reputation in human resources consulting, outplacement and career services we help select companies find unique talent.

By in-depth research, assessments, and 20+ years of search success we can help identify the right person for the position and help keep your work force productive. We train, consult and can provide deeper competency based assessments to ensure skills and behaviors match your organization’s needs.


Corporate Outplacement

Our corporate outplacement services include access to a global network of recruiters and hands on help for each client. We don’t just make the claim that we are the best – our clients do. With hundreds of testimonials recorded and on record and more than any other outplacement firm in the United States.

Powerful. Proven. Effective.
  • Select all that apply. Feel free to reach out as well if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.


CareerPro Inc. is affiliated in good standing with the following organizations:

Affiliate of Society for Human Resource Management   Reach Certified Strategist   Association of Career Professionals   Career Directors International   Triangle Business Alliance   Certified Professional Resume Writer   Certified Federal Job Search Trainer   Career Management Alliance   Better Business Bureau   NC Veterans Business Association   NC Veterans Business Association