Minimize disruption to your company's business and reputation with our effective and high-touch corporate outplacement assistance.

Corporate Outplacement Services

Our comprehensive, quality outplacement service includes an appropriate level of personal 1:1 attention mixed with group live or live online educational sessions. At a reasonable price. Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Preparation are all important. However, the single most important aspect (by far) of re-employment lies in effective job search strategies.
Professional career coaching and encouragement, along with a professional job search plan makes all the difference and these factors altogether make for a quality outplacement service.
The bottom line here is that by providing a quality outplacement service, you will likely see faster re-employment of terminated employees, helping you potentially minimize unemployment cost rate (UI) increases and better preserving your employer reputation and brand.
Redirecting Terminating Employees
A key component of Outplacement success is helping terminated employees see new possibilities, rather than wallowing in the past and especially understanding that your firm cared enough to pay for professional career transition assistance.
1:1 Assistance for Job Search
Each affected employee who engages gets personal attention with resumes and job-search strategies. They will also benefit from group live training sessions on topics like mastering LinkedIn, career evaluation, and career success..
Proven Career Coaching
Our coaches are experienced industry heavy-weights. Many have worked previously in various traditional industry roles before becoming career coaches. This means they understand career transition inside out.
Local and National Impact
We are located in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and also we are part of the Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA) which enables us to serve companies in need in many parts of the globe.
Our Outplacement support begins by understanding the needs and sensitivites of your organization. We work to minimize disruption and concerns of all parties affected-remaining employees, management, and those separating from the company. This step works to reduce anixieties, build confidence and helps to maintain your organization’s brand in the marketplace. This involvement holds whether the employees are co-located, remote and or/global.

CarerPro Inc. is member of the Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA),
a network of national and international career service providers offering seamless, best in industry career management, outplacement, executive coaching and talent management services with more than 200 offices throughout the U.S. and worldwide, our partnership with outplacement and career development firms allows us to support transitioning employees in their own locations.

Our GOA partners are committed to the highest code of ethics and professional standards in the industry. These standards govern GOA's consulting practices, quality assurance, fees and business development principles. GOA members adhere to the highest level of privacy and confidentiality during reorganizations, acquisitions, downsizings, employee releases and promotions and assume and objective, third-party position at all times.


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