Discover exceptional talent and build a thriving team with our customized and cutting-edge Talent & Recruitment Options.

Talent & Recruitment Options

Career Pro Inc. offers exceptional coaching and services to excel in your chosen path. Our experienced coaches maximize your career toolkit and provide necessary resources for success. Using our unique "Worklife Journey" approach, we assess goals and strengths, incorporating them into your toolkit. Through personalized sessions, we guide you through the transition process, from applications to interviews.
Our network connects you with influential professionals. Whether employed, transitioning, or seeking advancement, Career Pro Inc. empowers you to thrive in today's job market. We provide individual attention and fresh ideas for authentic career growth.
Attracting Top Talent - Fast!
  • Identify Critical Employment Needs Without Delay
  • Qualify and Recruit A Strong Line Up of Candidates
  • State-of-the-art Assessment Tools Available
  • Very often, top choices to your hiring managers within 10 business days
We are flexible on how we work to meet your needs. Some organizations like to pay outside recruiters a straight percentage of salary, and this method is common for many professional and junior executive jobs. Others prefer to have more in-depth engagement with deeper screenings of qualified candidates. This is more common for senior executive roles. We are flexible on project methods - Contingent, Retained (or Hybrid of Both) Searches.
Candidate Screenings for Best Fit
Hiring/Professional Recruiting ROI – Are you attracting the best talent, effectively and efficiently in a tight market? (The cost of a “bad hire” is thousands of dollars.) We know talent and we know how to find hard to find qualified candidates using our extensive network and also technology. We can help you win the talent war and help you find exact matches to your most difficult positions.
Executive Coaching for Talent Retention
Workplace Leadership/Engagement Improvement ROI - Does your organization cultivate innovative, productive ideas and a harmonious, rewarding work environment?
Our affliated executive coaches can help you towards a strong return on investment by reducing key contributors’ turnover and improving workforce-wide engagement.
Competency-Based Assessments
Our executive coach affiliates train, consult and provide deeper competency based assessments to ensure skills and behaviors match your organization’s needs. Let us help you define and find those important players for your organization. In various ways, we've supplied top talent into companies and to staffing/recruiting and companies for 30 years. Our executive coaches are trained and skilled at every top assessment tool in the marketplace.


1:1 Coaching with Experienced CEO Business Coaches - Members of the executive coaching and advisory team at CareerPro are globally recognized experts in talent management, assessments and various businesses. Many have published books, articles and other publications that are often cited in peer-reviewed journals as best practice guidelines for team-building.

CareerPro Inc. focuses on best practices leadership & development coaching, performance consulting, outplacement, career & talent engagement. Our mission with and for the organizations and companies we serve focuses on improving the effectiveness of business through strategic human capital.

  • Leadership – Does your organization cultivate and implement innovative ideas? Are each of your leaders in sync and enabling great execution?
  • People - Are you attracting the best talent? Are many of your employees disengaged, feeling frustrated from COVID overload? Does your organization have the right leadership pipelines?
  • Profit – Do your employees know how you make a profit and what they need to do to help improve the bottom line? Are you addressing today's social elements of business?
  • Performance – Are the job skills and knowledge competencies of your leadership team and employees up to date with the digital revolution?

Talent Development + Onboarding

Are you looking to improve your work force? With proven HR Consultants and Advisory Group we can help you improve and retain talent. If we can't effectively or efficiently help you we can refer you to best practice staffing companies and leaders. Our expertise and strong reputation in human resources consulting, outplacement and career services enables us to help select companies find unique talent. By in-depth research, assessments, and 30+ years of search success we can help identify the right person for the position and help keep your work force productive. We train, consult and can provide deeper competency based assessments to ensure skills and behaviors match your organization’s needs.

Retaining high-performing, talented employees during a time of corporate restructuring improves trust, mitigates the loss of business knowledge, and reduces the costs associated with lost productivity, layoffs, recruitment, and onboarding. Layoffs and corporate restructuring events are now a natural part of the ebb and flow experienced by businesses trying to keep costs down while maintaining a competitive edge. CareerPro Inc. Talent Acquisition + Retainment + On-boarding helps organizations make the most of regular fluctuations and provides multiple benefits to companies, including:

Retain Talent and Knowledge

  • Improve retention rates through dynamic coaching.
  • Create powerful company culture and institutional knowledge and stewardship of company culture.
  • Help impacted employees with transition, change and work issues.
  • Create and improve employee networks as redeployment/new team changes.
  • Improve culture handles change productively.

Reduce Costs

  • Develop lower cost and time to hire.
  • Immediately lower severance costs and unemployment tax claims.
  • Reduce time and effort spent on onboarding and training.
  • Diminish litigation and risk.
  • Refine and improve culture.

Enhance Brand

  • Ensure impacted employees spreading negative company reviews.
  • Improve reputation as employer of choice for current and future employees, including rehiring.
  • Live your values to ensure you mean what you say.
  • Engage, energize and ensure employees gain in any new role.

Engage, Retain and Deploy Talent

Because we see many people in career transition we found that some of those people could have been coached and retained at their current positions.

We understand outplacement and the challenges of exiting employees. In turn we posses a unique perspective on what it takes to retain top talent.

We Help You!

  • Create A Culture Of Empowerment
  • Assess Or Redeploy Talent
  • Find Graceful Exits and Outplacement

Container or Retained Search

Would you like to find top talent? For those hard to find leaders or significant impact executives, let us help you define and find those key players in your organization that will drive revenue and reduce costs.

We've supplied top talent into companies and to staffing/recruiting and companies for 30 years.

For individual organizations we can help you win the talent war and help you find exact matches to your most difficult and senior level leaders in our Retained Search or Boutique search work.

We Help You!

  • Immediately Identify Critical Employment Needs Without Delay
  • Recruit And Qualify The Best
  • Obtain These Exclusive Services


Streamline On-Boarding

According to SHRM, employees who experience a positive, productive on boarding process are 70% more likely to stay with your company for three or more years. If you want your talent to engage you need to create a powerful on-boarding process that allows you complete training, mentorship and human resources rules and regulations so that new talent starts encouraged and not discouraged. We can show you the way!

We Help You!

  • Create Online Tools
  • Humanize and Mentor New Employees
  • Retain Your Talent
Retaining Talent & Knowledge – Reducing Costs - Brand Enhancement


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