Six Ways To Prepare Today For The Future Of Hiring And Job Searching

Linda ReyesBlogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

In the digital agejob hunting looks a lot different than it did in decades past. Instead of looking up newspaper classified ads and mailing in paper resumes, candidates can find job listings on online platforms and share their digital profiles to demonstrate their qualifications. Similarly, employers save countless hours in the hiring process by using technology to screen and interview candidates.

As tech tools continue to revolutionize the way companies find and hire talent, both job seekers and the organizations looking to hire them need to keep up with emerging trends to stay competitive. According to six members of Forbes Coaches Council, here’s how companies and candidates can prepare for the future of recruiting, hiring and job searching.

1. Get Comfortable With Artificial Intelligence During The Recruitment Process

We will continue to see automation in the recruiting space. Artificial intelligence interviews are already taking place, and I foresee this expanding as a tool to make the recruiting process more manageable for employers. This will require individuals to expand their interview skills to become comfortable in an already high-stress situation with the added challenge of speaking to a machine. – Jean Ali MuhlbauerPeople at Work

2. Find Opportunities To Explore Your Career Path As A Student

Students are going to realize that they need to take more time during school to explore career opportunities. Many large businesses are working with schools to create business-led, work-and-learn programs that are cost-effective and prepare students for the future world of work. Decisions will be made based on career aspirations and abilities, not academic pedigree. – Kathleen HoulihanDream2Career

3. Build And Anticipate Complete Digital Profiles

It’s nice to have a digital presence on sites like LinkedIn today. This is augmented by anecdotal data you can extract from places like Google. The next phase of hiring and candidate evaluations will be a more complete review of your entire digital presence. Companies will experience you in 3D. Prepare by creating digital data you would want them to see. They will find it and request it. – John M. O’ConnorCareer Pro Inc.

4. Don’t Ignore The Power And Influence Of Employees In The Labor Market

With the rising use of anonymous review sites like Glassdoor and Fortune 100/500 companies publishing labor reports that were not previously publicly available, job seekers and employees will continue to have more power and leverage. Fewer job seekers will put up with lengthy applications, unnecessarily drawn out interview processes and inadequate compensation. – Kyle Cromer

5. Plan For The Continued Growth Of Contract And Freelance Positions

Disruption across many industries is prompting more companies to engage professionals in non-permanent relationships. Professionals should be prepared to work with companies as contractors or freelancers. Professionals need a strong social media presence, a clear value proposition and a personal business plan (revenue goals, rates, services, etc.) We are all lean startups in today‘s marketplace. – Stacey StaatermanStacey Staaterman Coaching & Consulting

6. Offer Greater Transparency In The Hiring Process

A lack of transparency in a company’s hiring processes negatively impacts their employer brand. Job seekers increasingly vocalize their bad experiences with the hiring market. I predict that hiring companies will create a better way to communicate with candidates about where they stand in the process after they submit their applications and after the interview process (if any). – Lakrisha DavisLakrisha Davis & Co.