Trying To Define Your Corporate Culture? Here’s Where To Start

Linda ReyesBlogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

With employee engagement on the decline, your company’s corporate culture may be at risk. You may find that you are losing the loyalty of your team and that the vision you have for your company is in jeopardy. But, what if you are a new organization looking to create a corporate culture from scratch?

As a new business, you have the ability to form your corporate culture from the ground up. You can get your employees onboard early and define your vision piece by piece. You can develop your culture with your employees in mind and ensure that your team’s engagement level stays high at all times.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council provide the first steps an organization should take when defining its corporate culture.

1. Enable A No-Compromise Leadership Vision

Creating a value-driven, purpose-centric approach to defining a culture is critical. This includes deciding on the collective purpose, how that translates/aligns to an individual’s purpose, and what stopgaps help ensure the culture is not compromised in the future. It’s reinforcing a vision that is present and communicated in all facets of the organization’s processes, products, and people. – Christie Lindor, The MECE Muse

2. Know Your ‘Why’

While organizations discuss vision, strategies, and interests, they forget the driving force of success: their purpose. Purpose creates motives for action, inspires people, and sets the values and behaviors that will be translated into the organizational culture. Know your purpose, and engage your employees by making them embrace the same “why.” – Mariana Lacombe,

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