Career Pro Inc. provides career coaching and other individual services to help you prepare for the job path of your choice, whether that is an executive, federal, or military career path. Our career coaches work with you to build and maximize the effectiveness of your career tool kit.

Using our “Worklife Journey” approach, we help you assess your goals and identify your strengths to help you incorporate this information into each element of your career took kit. We work one-on-one to help you navigate the competitive career transition process including how to effectively complete written applications, and training for federal or corporate interviews. We maintain a network of professionals to insure that we are in touch with what employers are looking for. This allows us to provide the best guidance to those seeking employment opportunities for advancement. We are also able to connect you with influential people in your field.

Whether you’re currently employed, in transition or looking for creative ways to advance your career, we can help you build the power you need to compete in today’s competitive job market. We can provide individual attention and fresh ideas when it comes to helping you spark authentic career advancement.

  • One On One Focus

  • Skills, Strengths + Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Creating Powerful Resume and Career Collateral

  • Group Connections, Networking and Engagement

  • Interview Preparation – Phone, Skype, In Person, Group and More


Resumes & Interview Preparation

We will find your critical, direct and transferable skills and build your most powerful value proposition, effectively using keywords, resume styles, and presentation formats to your advantage. The process is easy for you, only taking 5-10 business days from inception to proof. For us and our team we bring a powerful sense of visuals, achievement orientation and a distinctive brand focus for our individual and outplacement clients.

Original Writing Sells You!

  • Powerful Visuals
  • Compelling Numbers + Achievements
  • Award Winning Documents + Tools With Power Interview Preparation

Personal Branding

We help smart people like you gather resources and plan to thrive through every opportunity to communicate with prospective employers and business partners. We will help you gravitate toward the career that truly embodies who you are and help you establish a personal brand.

What We Can Do For You!

  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Compelling Collateral
  • Strengths Focus


Online Strategies For Job Seekers

Current career professionals and especially those in career change or transition must develop a powerful portfolio. We help you get through the ATS systems and create a powerful, effective job search as you build your specific brand online through LinkedIn, Resumes, and Creative Content. What can you do to stand out in today’s crowded market?

Helping You Navigate The Competitive Job Market Online

  • Unique LinkedIn Branding
  • Navigating The ATS With Power To Win Interviews and Go Around The Bots
  • Creating Recruiter Relationships That Lead To Interviews and Job Offers

Effective Networking

Generalized tips and copying another person’s networking style may not work for you. We provide up-to-date tactics on how to form new relationships with executive recruiters, company recruiters and key contacts that will influence your career and career path.

Building Strong, Powerful Relationships In Person and Online

  • One-On-Ones & Group Connections with Powerful Results
  • Online Relationship Focus – Navigate Effectively With Our Instruction
  • Find Ways To Create Short-Term and Lasting Value Through Relationships


Military Transition + Federal Resumes

Military members include those exiting the military looking for federal or civilian roles. We handle every aspect of your search by partnering with you to complete written federal applications, navigate the federal military transition and train for the federal interview and military-to-civilian career transition.

Making Transitioning Easier

  • Federal Resumes & Applications
  • Unique Networking Opportunities
  • Translating Military Experience

Job Seekers 24/7 CareerPro Inc. Toolkit

With our proven career tool kit we offer a strategic combination of resources, we’ve helped thousands of clients reach their career goals. We provide individual attention and fresh ideas when it comes to helping you spark authentic career advancement. We help smart people like you build a plan to thrive through every opportunity to communicate with prospective employers and business partners

Resources, Tips & Tricks

  • Mission To Value Proposition
  • Creating Powerful Content
  • Developing Online & Off-line Career Building Strategies That Work In Today’s Market


Confidential Initial Consultation

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