We will find your critical, direct and transferable skills and build your most powerful value proposition, effectively using keywords, resume styles, and presentation formats to your advantage. The process is easy for you, only taking 5-10 business days from inception to proof.


We can prepare you for today’s interview which can occur via Skype, in person or on the phone. Our unique preparation allows you to powerfully convey how you build your value with the kind of unique stories and specifics that today’s employers must see.

Resume Intake Form

CareerPro Inc. understands where you are as an individual seeking new employment, and we take it upon ourselves to provide professional services, that will enhance your future career.
For our Resume Intake Form, every detail of your past, present, and future as well as your goals and expectations need to be uncovered so we can properly assess your personality and find the perfect company to fit who you are.

We assure you that we are here to serve your best interests. Our career is finding you a career!

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Web Portfolio


Creating your web brand must integrate concepts into today’s web. Your portfolio may include a powerful group of content from your audio, video and published brand. These various mediums work together to help you establish a distinguishable personal brand.

Social Media Optimization

There has never been more confusion on how to build your “social network” and brand. We know what you need to do now to win favor and gain positive notice. An effective social media presence requires a clear and deliberate plan to capitalize on opportunities.

Publishing Brand Track

Clients now have the unique opportunity to hire us to publish and create content: articles, podcast, Twitter, Facebook, video and other new content. It’s important to develop original, credible and authentic content in your publishing strategies.


Generalized tips and copying another person’s networking style may not work for you. We provide up-to-date tactics on how to form new relationships with executive recruiters, company recruiters and key contacts that will influence your career.


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