There has never been more confusion on how to build your “social network” and brand. We know what you need to do now to win favor and gain positive notice. An effective social media presence requires a clear and deliberate plan to capitalize on opportunities.


LinkedIn and Online Branding Across All Mediums

How We Help you

Whether you need to adapt your brand to the web, create content or develop stealthy job search or personal brand strategies let us guide you to do it the best way for you.

  • The Latest, Most Powerful LinkedIn Strategies
  • Your Brand Online - Use Facebook, Twitter and Other "Social Media" For Personal and Business Power
  • Develop Your Online Reputation With Confidence

Navigating The ATS and Much More

We don't teach you to trick the system but the online application world needs to be handled with great thought. We pair our written words and advice with real world recruiting tactics to help you bypass or go through these difficult mediums.

How We Help you

  • Create Your Online Bios and Presence
  • Refine The Language of Your Career and Brand Through Powerful Personal Marketing Materials
  • Create Recruiting and Recruiter Outreach and Other Strategies That Work

Creating Recruiter Relationships

Recruiters can be a powerful help in your search for opportunities but they are one of many people in the hiring food chain. Knowing the logistics of hiring is our job and knowing how to best prepare you for relationship development will be what you own.

  • Create a Powerful Plan For Search and Branding
  • Define and Develop Relationships with Recruiters and Beyond the Recruiter Suite
  • Build Lasting Connections That Can Move You Through the Hiring and Decision Making Process


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