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With 30+ years of experience creating, packaging and presenting clients for top tier opportunities and in the midst of furious competition we create powerful written tools, created originally to win interviews. From MS Word and ATS read documents to visually illustrated brand promoting Portfolios, Key-Word Rich Resumes, Career Biographies and Branding Statements you will possess the powerfully written tools to win interviews and defeat the ATS readers. Cited in industry publications including Forbes Coaches Council (articles and quotes), Monster Jobs, The Ladders, John M. O'Connor and his team create the tools you need to advance your career, build your brand and improve your world of work as a contributor and leader.

Our work is featured in publications on resumes + cover letters + interviews

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Powerful Presentations

We will find your critical, direct and transferable skills and build your most powerful value proposition, effectively using keywords, resume styles, and presentation formats to your advantage.


Compelling Metrics and Achievements Powerfully Presented

We interview you, dig through your career history, interview you and find the keys that hiring managers and recruiters need to pull your resume from the masses. Shaping your experience in compelling ways makes a difference. Combine this with our advice, assistance, encouragement and insight - you will find the way to your next work life mission.

Achievement Focus

Our one on one mindset and approach means every career, outplacement and individual receives the attention and perspective they need to advance their career.

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