What I Learned About Business In The Navy – Van Carpenter

Linda Reyes

What I Learned About Business In The Navy – Van Carpenter Learn about business lessons from former Naval Officer and noted national speaker and consultant Van Carpenter and he talks about the relevancy of those lessons to your career and business. Van is a national speaker, trainer, facilitator and creative change catalyst. With over thirty years of global corporate, governmental, …

11 Assessments Every Executive Should Take

Linda Reyes Forbes Coaches Counsel

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as an executive can only help you become a more effective leader. Though undergoing a round of assessments may seem like a futile attempt to tell you what you already know about yourself, these tests can be quite relevant in the information they provide. Assessments can give you insight into areas where you need to …

Are Recruiters Demanding Too Much Information in the Hiring Process?

JohnOConnor Talent Acquisition

I asked one client about his recent experience during an all day executive assessment.
He said: “Are they allowed to pull my DNA too? I cannot believe how much I had to reveal and submit for them to even consider me. When did this happen?”
If you haven’t been interviewing or are not ready to handle these requests the message is clear. Companies want more information from you and they are trying to get it whether you like it or not.
Has this happened to you? What have you done to respond? How will you respond in the future?