Six Ways To Prepare Today For The Future Of Hiring And Job Searching

Linda ReyesBlogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

In the digital age, job hunting looks a lot different than it did in decades past. Instead of looking up newspaper classified ads and mailing in paper resumes, candidates can find job listings on online platforms and share their digital profiles to demonstrate their qualifications. Similarly, employers save countless hours in the hiring process by using technology to screen and interview candidates. As tech tools continue to revolutionize the way …

How Executives Can Approach the Hidden Job Market

JohnOConnorBlogging, Individual Services

By preparing for the hidden job market in this way Phil holds a clear advantage over his competition. “Developing a plan,” says Phil today, “and finding out about the culture, attitude, buzz and insider information on target companies means more to me than anything right now. I have faith in my skill set but I want to quietly find a new position.” He realizes that this may give him a clear, early advantage over his competition. “I want to be known by my target companies before they know they need me. Then I will be ready to pounce.”

Executive Job Search – Strategic Preparation

JohnOConnorBlogging, Individual Services

Executive job search and transition strategies mean that many job seekers need to change industries or progress in their current industry. Changing industries in particular requires both the executive and the company to recognize transferable skills. You also need to be willing to totally market those skills through a number of different mediums.