What I Learned About Business In The Navy – Van Carpenter

Linda Reyes

What I Learned About Business In The Navy – Van Carpenter Learn about business lessons from former Naval Officer and noted national speaker and consultant Van Carpenter and he talks about the relevancy of those lessons to your career and business. Van is a national speaker, trainer, facilitator and creative change catalyst. With over thirty years of global corporate, governmental, …

Defense Technology Transition–Streamlined Ways to Get Fed Funding – Denny Lewis

Linda Reyes

Learn more about fed funding and the defense industry, hiring impact and the overall economic impact of the defense industry in North Carolina. Dennis “Denny” joined the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) in January 2015 after a career in the US Army and 14 years in the Federal Business Sector. In August 2016, with the support and direction of …

The Future Of Work with Jerel Bonner

Linda Reyes

What will be the future of work, and what skills and mindset does an individual need to go beyond surviving? The landscape of opportunity is changing faster than higher education can codify it and teach it to those that have been in the workforce. Several trends are converging, which are 1) being lifelong learners 2) knowledge workers 3) Financial Stability. …

Now What? Power Up Your Career Search ~ Lauren McGhee, Rufus Stephens, Norm Wood

Linda Reyes

The Collective: Thrive In Your Design – Lauren McGhee, Norm Wood and Rufus Stephens will provide an encouraging look at overcoming career obstacles in this dynamic interaction! On the Collective: We are a diverse group of experienced trainers, coaches, and speakers. Collectively, the value we provide is the product of proven mechanics, personal, team, and corporate empowerment, and inspiration to …

Networking Your Value Proposition

JohnOConnor Blogging, Individual Services

In the last year of market ups and downs and general upheaval in the employment market I have noticed a few interesting trends. Focusing on networking I have noticed that many executives are:
1. Willing to network and reach out more than ever. This is a positive trend and it shows me that executives do not feel that what they have is guaranteed and that they have to get outside of their comfort zone to reach out and grow.
2. Working to network even if they are employed. Again, executives who are employed now have shown more interest in networking for their longterm career (this may have to do with the feeling that no one feels secure. They are now getting outside of their comfort zone to create new relationships and are often more open about those who are reaching out to them.
3. Networking by trial and error if they are unemployed. This is a generally negative sign. It shows that executives in transition may be confident in their skill set but when forced to network for extended periods can become stagnant and repeat mistakes.