Why Résumé Writing Is Difficult (But Doesn’t Have To Be)

Linda Reyes Forbes Coaches Counsel

Shutterstock If you sat down to write the biography of your work-life as a novel, how interesting would it be to the average reader? Did you sign any key agreements with foreign nationals? Could you show a patent for a technical or medical issue you solved? Let’s say you’re a six-figure executive. Can you prove in a short space that you …

No Sorry Dogs

JohnOConnor Blogging, Individual Services

Noted author David Snyder, who writes for Headway Corporate Resources 2 million job seekers, employees and candidates, is currently publishing a series of articles using information and interviews with me. The blog is entitled “How to Be a Workplace Champion” and the recent addition admonishes us all: Snyder says that You Must Market Yourself. His grandmother once said: It’s a sorry dog that can’t wag its own tail.