The Lost Art Of Traditional Recruiting

Linda ReyesBlogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

John M. O’Connor CommunityVoiceForbes Coaches Council CommunityVoice  Getty With the never-ending advent of online résumés and companies claiming to render old-school recruiting irrelevant, how are companies to find the best people to drive their future? Nowadays, traditional recruiting practices can be easily cut short, and more “efficient” systems are replacing them. In short, what worked before does not work now. Time …

Six Ways To Prepare Today For The Future Of Hiring And Job Searching

Linda ReyesBlogging, Forbes Coaches Counsel

In the digital age, job hunting looks a lot different than it did in decades past. Instead of looking up newspaper classified ads and mailing in paper resumes, candidates can find job listings on online platforms and share their digital profiles to demonstrate their qualifications. Similarly, employers save countless hours in the hiring process by using technology to screen and interview candidates. As tech tools continue to revolutionize the way …

What To Think About When Considering ‘Overqualified’ Candidates

Linda ReyesForbes Coaches Counsel

When hiring, you’re looking for the best person to fill the open position at your company. But what happens when you come across an “overqualified” candidate? There is a tendency to shy away from overqualified candidates, but too much experience or education aren’t good reasons to disqualify a candidate from your search. We asked experts from the Forbes Coaches Council …

Did You Just Hire a Loose Cannon?

CareerPro Inc.Blogging, Corporate Services, Talent Acquisition

By David Snyder and John M. O’Connor The hiring process in one of the most delicate tasks that companies face. Employee turnover costs firms thousands of dollars every year, and making poor hiring decisions can be devastating. While it is critical that managers attempt to hire workers with exceptional character, it is equally important that they avoid potentially destructive candidates, …

As Hiring Picks Up Watch These Trends

JohnOConnorBlogging, Individual Services

Watch these three trends as hiring picks up. Even if rates of unemployment fluctuate companies and other organizations will continue to demand the best talent. If you want to be recognized as the best candidate pay attention to what employers will do within the next year to ensure they have what it takes to handle any setback. Remember also that it is not always the person who is the most qualified who gets hired it’s the person who knows how to get hired.