Don’t Ignore The Value Of Performance-Based Interviews

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John M. O’Connor Forbes Councils Member Forbes Coaches Council COUNCIL POST| Membership (Fee-Based) May 2, 2022,07:30am EDT John M. O’Connor (Career Pro Inc.) is a multi-year career coach, outplacement and career services leader based in North Carolina. When the job market turns into more of an employee’s market, shortcuts are often made in qualifying talent. Here is why. Companies need …

Common (Often Unknown) Obstacles in Your Job Search – How to Overcome Them!

Linda Reyes

Sheyenne has been working with people in career transition for 25 years, and has found some interesting stumbling blocks that get in the way of finding that next job opportunity. She serves as a CareerPro Inc. Board of Advisor. She has created classes to help “shine the light” on these obstacles so they can be dealt with and help move …

How To Avoid A Social Media Faux Pas That May Damage Your Job Hunt

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There’s no denying that social media plays a role in today’s job search process. Networking sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and even Facebook allow for both potential employers and job candidates to research one another. For candidates, these sites provide the perfect opportunities to read up on job opportunities and the interests, brands and stories tied to specific companies. …

Connect with the Right Staffing Firm

How to Connect with a Staffing Firm

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Working with staffing companies, recruiters (both third party and company/organizational) can be intimidating. In a recent interview and discussion with one of our longtime networking friends I found some notes I thought would be helpful to our readers. Jeff Raxlin serves in an executive role with a leading recruiting company in North Carolina, Kelaca, and I posed a number of challenging questions to to find out some of what I call the insider secrets to networking with and building a relationship with recruiters. What you will see focus on Mr. Raxlin’s thoughts and my notes and thoughts on this issue of staffing and recruiter communications.

Are You In Auto-Tune Regarding Your Career?

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If you already have a voice, a style and a market it might make sense to vary the “instrument” you use for your professional career. Whether you can speak or not you project your voice into everything that you do. A coach mimics a great voice coach for those that know about voice training. Even great singers need voice coaches. …

Are Recruiters Demanding Too Much Information in the Hiring Process?

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I asked one client about his recent experience during an all day executive assessment.
He said: “Are they allowed to pull my DNA too? I cannot believe how much I had to reveal and submit for them to even consider me. When did this happen?”
If you haven’t been interviewing or are not ready to handle these requests the message is clear. Companies want more information from you and they are trying to get it whether you like it or not.
Has this happened to you? What have you done to respond? How will you respond in the future?