One Shot One Win

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In the last several weeks clients have presented some problems they were facing in their careers. People often ask me what we do. I probably could give them better answers over the years but what we like to do is help them solve career problems. Who is a good client for us? I feel that someone who knows they have a problem, acknowledges that they cannot figure out a solution on their own and wants to partner with us to find a solution.

Are You Desperate?

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If you really want to know what most people broadcast loudly in their career transition or job search it really comes down to about one word. In every quality relationship, think about the value you provide and the value that other person can provide to you. In everything that you do you must indicate your value not quiet or loud desperation.

No Sorry Dogs

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Noted author David Snyder, who writes for Headway Corporate Resources 2 million job seekers, employees and candidates, is currently publishing a series of articles using information and interviews with me. The blog is entitled “How to Be a Workplace Champion” and the recent addition admonishes us all: Snyder says that You Must Market Yourself. His grandmother once said: It’s a sorry dog that can’t wag its own tail.

As Hiring Picks Up Watch These Trends

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Watch these three trends as hiring picks up. Even if rates of unemployment fluctuate companies and other organizations will continue to demand the best talent. If you want to be recognized as the best candidate pay attention to what employers will do within the next year to ensure they have what it takes to handle any setback. Remember also that it is not always the person who is the most qualified who gets hired it’s the person who knows how to get hired.

Cover Letters Still Make a Difference

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The refrain sounds from all corners. In fact, some of the people sounding the death call for cover letters come from third-party recruiters, career coaches, career counselors, jobseekers, executives in transition and executives not in transition. Cover letters need to be understood as one of the tools you have to differentiate yourself. Unfortunately, the trending, common knowledge of those well-meaning people say things that I consider to be purely subjective opinions. If you are doing the hiring and you want to ignore covering statements, cover letters or introductory letters that’s your prerogative. But I stand against the supposed common knowledge of today.

Aerial Combat Rules for Job Search (Rookies vs. Advanced Thinkers)

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Oswald Boelcke wrote down these rules as one of Germany’s early flying aces, some of the first rules about aerial combat. You must combat the enemy within during your career probably more than the enemy you perceive outside of you. These are also some of the rules Eddie Richenbacker mastered as a Medal of Honor winner and the Ace of Aces in WWI who I grew up learning about in Ohio. I like military history and history in general. It has application to just about all things. These rules remind me of what rookies do during their career vs. advanced careerists or entrepreneurs. Maybe we need to talk about “No Guts No Glory” next.