Networking For Mutual Benefit with LinkedIn Engagement – Teddy Burriss

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Networking For Mutual Benefit with LinkedIn Engagement – Teddy Burriss Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn Trainer & Coach. In 2010 Teddy started the business of delivering workshops, seminars, webinars, speeches and 1:1 coaching focused on guiding business professionals and teams on the best practices and tactics of using LinkedIn as a business & Career Search tool. Teddy is a practiced …

Talent Acquisition + Linkedin with Keith Langbo

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Talent Acquisition + Linkedin with Keith Langbo Keith Langbo will talk about the art of Talent Acquisition and LinkedIn for our group in this intensive session. He is a sought after speaker and often quoted in places like the Triangle Business Journal on issues related to talent and advice. His firm has built a powerful, positive reputation in the Triangle. …

LinkedIn Fundamentals: Part One

LinkedIn Fundamentals: Part One

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You need a LinkedIn profile and it needs to be strong. We will cover the basic LinkedIn fundamentals here because most people in career transition or change, which is probably all of us, do not understand or implement the basics. The basics include a professionally rendered resume and accurate career material. We assume you understand the level of confidentiality you …

How Executives Can Approach the Hidden Job Market

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By preparing for the hidden job market in this way Phil holds a clear advantage over his competition. “Developing a plan,” says Phil today, “and finding out about the culture, attitude, buzz and insider information on target companies means more to me than anything right now. I have faith in my skill set but I want to quietly find a new position.” He realizes that this may give him a clear, early advantage over his competition. “I want to be known by my target companies before they know they need me. Then I will be ready to pounce.”

Get Hired Faster! Linked In Claims to Improve Your Search

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In the past two years I think I have seen more promises by more people and more companies to improve your job search, improve third-party recruiter efforts and help you find the perfect job than ever in the history of jobs going back to Job. Is it getting ridiculous? It’s been getting ridiculous.
Here is a conversation I recently had with one of my looking for a $100K job jobseekers:
John, I put my resume on Monster, Career Builder and The Ladders. I have found some good opportunities to post to and have. But I get more calls and more inquiries about more deals and ways for me to spend money than I do actual interviews with clients. What’s the deal?
This is what’s going on right now. We have a plan and just one part of the plan is having an excellent, multi-resume posting out there for you because you are not doing a confidential search. I know about all ‘the deals’ out there. If they sound to good to be true…
They probably are.
You got it.

Build a Positive Online Presence

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So many people want to tell you what not to do when working on your job search online. In this tough job market too many well intentioned people can scare you out of some solid, bold approaches online. We can recount the many mistakes and hazards of building your online brand. Some of the eye catching warnings start with lines like The Five Fatal Mistakes of…and you can fill in the blanks after the ellipsis. So let’s talk about building a core, positive presence online and what you can do to improve your job search networking etiquette and habits.